May 21, 2013

On Craftsy!

  I love paper patterns but also love having a pattern right now
As a designer I have often thought
 do I produce paper patterns or go with PDF patterns.

 (Lesley's Ironing Essentials)

I have to consider that now with technology it is easy
 to have patterns more readily available to everyone.
 It saves time and money to have an instant download.
So PDF patterns seem to be the best option.

(Flora's Floral Delsights)

So considering that, I have decided to join with Craftsy and
 have opened my own store. It's called Sweet Cinnamon.
 Never been to Craftsy then you should click my store link below...
 It's an amazing place to hang out, with free mini lessons,
 great tutorial lessons to buy, patterns galore.
In time all my patterns will be uploaded
 to my Craftsy Store and for you this means 
instant download upon purchase.
You can find my store Sweet Cinnamon HERE  

 (One, Two Charms)

At the moment there are 4 of my patterns ready to purchase
 with instant download. 
 My newest Pattern above and below is available from my Craftsy store now.
 'One, Two Charms' is a delightful table runner pattern
 where you make two table runners from one charm pack.
 I'll share tomorrow a few that have been made in blog land 
recently and wow they look  just gorgeous.

 (One, Two Charms)
Over the coming weeks I will be changing all my patterns to PDF files
 and uploading them into my store too.

To celebrate opening my Craftsy store I am having a giveaway.
 All you need to do is spread the word that I am on Craftsy
 on your blog and tell me you have done so, in your comment below. 

 I will draw a winner on Tuesday 28th May 2013.
 Oh I almost forgot the prize..... 
 And it's a Craftsy prize of course!

I will purchase for you a Craftsy gift card
 to spend on any Craftsy online class.
 These are so informative and you'll have an absolute ball
 choosing and doing your class. 

 Happy Days to you!
 Hugs Dawn x x  


Maria said...

Best wishes with your new venture Dawn..
Oh I received a beautiful table runner made with your pattern in a swap... Love it.

Anonymous said...

yes good luck with your new direction and love those table runners.xx

VickiT said...

That's awesome Dawn. I don't have a blog so hopefully you can still consider me in the giveaway. I just posted the info about your blog and craftsy store to my facebook page which you can double check if you'd like. I will email you the link to my page. I LOVE the ironing board cover. That's gorgeous.

Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

Well done. I've just tried to buy your table runner pattern but it doesnt seem to be working for me. I will try to come back later and try again. Congrats on the new direction.

Unknown said...

Congrats and good luck, Dawn. I will go over later in the day and take a good look at your pattern...maybe give it a go!


Gill said...

Congratulations on you new venture!
I don't have a blog but I'm hoping I can still enter!

Mrs Shepo said...

Well done Dawn,a change of direction can be very uplifting, hope all goes well for you with Craftsy and also going well with you personally. Cyber Hugs,Pat.XX