May 29, 2013

Wow....what a crafty week!

I was just looking at my followers and was
 blown away by how many...almost 1000....999 to exact!
 I am so wow-ed that so many want to
 read my life's doings on this blog...
 This week which I call my good week...
is the week that I feel so good (with Chemo) so
 I try to get lots more done than the previous weeks.
 Now to what I have been doing....well!!!!

  Lots of craft with my girls..
 I was so inspired by this idea that I had to show my girls
 and they jumped in and made one...

 All that was needed was some artist canvas boards,
 some cotton ear buds, and a palette of paints...
 I drew the tree for them and they were off,
 enjoying some ear bud painting.
 I was so thrilled with the were Miss J and Miss K!

 Then it was mummy's time to do some sewing...with Judy!

My friend Judy is a great pattern tester
 and my right hand quilt pusher...he he
 We sat down and had coffee and then I put finishing touches to my quilts.
Jude is always helping me when I need another opinion,
 I bounce things off her just to check.
Or she helps especially when I need pushing to finish something.

And that something this week was a Christmas project for a magazine.
 All finished, pattern now written ready to send off...
I'll show you once it's released in a mag..
 Thank you to all that bought Craftsy patterns this week.
 Be sure to send me some pics of your finished projects.
The winner of my Craftsy Class Giveaway is a big
Congratulations to Vicki T..

 Blogger VickiT said...
That's awesome Dawn. I don't have a blog so hopefully you 
can still consider me in the giveaway. 
I just posted the info about your blog and craftsy store
 to my facebook page which you can double
 check if you'd like. I will email you the link to my page.
 I LOVE the ironing board cover. That's gorgeous.
May 22, 2013 at 3:10 AM

Thanks for sharing my page Vicki.
Please email me and I can arrange your class.

 Happy Sewing this week.

 Hugs Dawn x x



Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Congratulations for having so many followers! It's great to have a friend you can trust so much :)

Anonymous said...

glad you are having a good week and love what your girls did,very clever,take care.xx

Susan said...

1000 now!!!

clever little trees - look like they were fun to do.

Maria said...

congratulations on a 1000 followers Dawn...
Lovely craftsy trees the girls painted using the ear buds..
Now nice to have a special friend to help you along when you need a push..

Melody said...

No wonder you have so many followers your blog is a delight

Marilyn said...

Wow, so many followers, well done. Love the girls' spotty trees - a great art project. Hi Jude, great to see you sitting there keeping Dawn company and giving her an encouraging push. (Hehe) what a great friend you have there, Dawn.
Hugs xx

Fiona said...

love the girls trees.. what a great idea....
looking forward to seeing your newest creation...

Mrs Shepo said...

As you know I follow your blog, but only just realised that I was not a "Follower' now you have 1001,great crafty trees girls, looking forward to seeing your Christmas pattern in the magazine.Cheers.XX

Jennifer Reynolds said...

Your little munchkins are so clever! One day, "Dawn Hay & Daughters. Co"
Love ya,

VickiT said...

Dawn ~ I was super excited to see my name as the winner. Sadly, for family reasons, I did not see that until just now. I have sent you an email explaining what happened. I'm sorry for not getting back to you before now.