May 23, 2013

Zach is an inspiration!

I was going to show yesterday some table runners  that
I found in blogland  BUT went to bed early as I was so tired.
Then this morning I thought yep I'll blog that 
and then watched something that
 so touched me, and I had to share.
 Have you heard of Zach...

 Zach Sobiech inspires me, and he will you!

 Here is Zach and his Mum...

 It will be the best 22 mins you have spent watching a video..

What an amazing young man and so full of life that
 he shared it so we can live like he did..
 I so want teeenagers I know to grasp this attitude. 
His message, “You don’t have to know you’re dying to start living,” will forever be his legacy.
 He went up to those clouds last week.....

 Zach has an amazing song on Itunes that I can't get out of my head.
 I have never bought an Itunes song but have now....
 HERE it is 
 I don't own a I-whatever you need for it but its on my PC now.
 My girls are singing it too... WOW

 Lets all be inspired today...
Back later with some runners to share.

 Hug someone you love today!
 Sweet Hugs from me!
 Dawn x x x


Sharon - Lilabelle Lane said...

I watched this whilst still in bed this morning with my little girl next to me. Tears flowing and truly inspiring young man. A story to be shared with as many people as possible. hugs xx

Maddy said...

Saw this on Facebook this afternoon so very inspiring, such a true treasure of a young man. He reminds me of my youngest son who is 15 very similar by nature.

Karen Mallory said...

I was just watching this video before my blogs. He is an inspiration and His smile was amazing for someone who knows they only have months to live!
hugs Karen

Britt-Inger said...

What an amazing young man. Thanks for giving the link to the video. Wha a wonderful smile he had, even knowing that he had only some month left to live.
Thank you for sharing

Maria said...

Thank you Dawn for posting the link to this story.. What a great guy Zach was..

Noela said...

Beautiful post Dawn. What a beautiful young man. Thank you for sharing this story. Hugs......