August 30, 2013

Flirty BOM Week Two.

Wow I am so thrilled that so many
 of you are downloading  my Flirty BOM... 

I am so hoping to see some pop up
 in Blogland soon. 
 Be sure to let me know if you've posted some pictures
 of your progress, I'd love to see them.
 This week we have another lot of stitcheries to make.

 Thet are so quick and easy, another colorway was calling me.

You can purchase  HERE this weeks pattern.

Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x

August 26, 2013

Lets Get Stitched together!

Our annual 'Lets Get Stitched' retreat is officially open for bookings.
 If your interested in some friendship with like minded stitchy ladies
 loads of fun, laughter and fabric, then this is for you
 I can't wait for the next retreat in Melbourne 2014.

 There is a Quilt shop bus tour, Pizza, Games night
 melbourne city trip, and a Sunday stitching day with
 seven designers, Joy, Vicki, Fee, Jenny and myself
plus two Mystery designers.
We each will be sharing with you a pattern and starter kit
in your goody bag on the Sunday stitching day...
 Want to join in with us!
 Then book early to avoid missing out as numbers are limited.
 Visit the 'Lets Get Stitched' Page HERE
 and come along...we have heaps of fun.

 Happy Retreating
 Hugs Dawn x x 

August 24, 2013

A little afternoon tea...

  Its been quite cold and rainy here in Adelaide the last few days
 so a warm oven and some scones baking 
makes the house warm and smells yummy too...
 Gives me that happy feeling in the tum.

 This recipe is to easy to make and the scones turn out so fluffy...

 3 cups of Self Raising flour.
80gm of Butter
1 - 1/14cups of Milk.
Rub butter into flour, then slowly add milk.
 Place onto a floured board and pat to an inch think.
Cut out with a floured glass or scone ring.
 Place closely together onto baking tray and brush with milk.
 Bake at 220C until lightly browned.

 Serve hot with buter, jam and cream if desired.
 I used a Bonne Maman Jam, imported from france...yummo
 Nice jars for me to use later too.

 Happy afternoon tea wherever you may be.

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x

August 23, 2013

Flirty Square BOM week 1.

 The first time I saw these 'Flirt' fabrics I was smitten.
 they are so fresh and funky too.

 I started drawing more and more little stitchery designs.
 Then put them into little blocks...

 It's so lovely to look back on photos and see some progress...
From fabrics to a finished quilt.

 Especially as its now almost finished, it's now quilted...just needs some binding.
Finished size is approx 54in square... a great lap size.
As it all came together I had a plan for it...
 I decided it had a new home to go too...

Woo hoo it's looking good, just how I imagined and designed it to be.
I am going to bind it in the next few days, it then can 'Go Home'
 It can be loved and treasured in it's new home.
It's new home is with a friend who is such a treasure to me.
 She has been such a help over the last 6 months,
 I am thrilled I can give her something that's part of me.

And you all for being so patient can now get started 
on the first installment of stitchery blocks.
 The requirements list is in the first download 
along with the cutting instructions too.
 Don't forget to come back each week for
 another installment... 8 weeks in total...
 August 23rd to October 11th.
 It was going to be 9 weeks but I decided to do 8 weeks instead.

 Week one can be purchased  HERE

  Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x

August 21, 2013

Home is always the best place to be!

 Thank you for all the lovely sweet comments, emails and gifts sent.
I am finally home from hospital and am recovering with my family.
 That's the best as I get to spend time with my darling Hubby and
laugh and chat with my two precious princesses.
 Bliss to me!
 What happened was I had a temperature....
 I took Panadol and wanted it all to go away..
 Well as they tell you with  any chemo any temp
has to be reported to the hospital.
I unfortunately had caught a blood infection from my PICC line for chemo
 and while I was in hospital the Dr's decided to operate
on a seroma I had that was infected too.
 That's another 10 days I spent in hospital.
 Whats a Seroma you say???...In lay man terms it's a pocket that
 collects fluid after having a mastectomy.
 Now I am back on track and am taking all my meds.
 I have 11 days to go then my chemo is finished...

I was so disappointed that I couldn't share my BOM
 on the day I had planned to launch it,
 but its better late than never they say...he he.
 I had wanted to quilt it before I showed you all
 but as I have limited use of my arms again after another operation
it may have to wait for quilting,
but the top is all done waiting to reveal it all to you.

Friday this week is going to be the first installment.
Friday the 23rd August.

Here's a 'Flirty Square BOM' button for your blog.
 Just right click the picture and save to your computer
then add as a picture to your blog and link it to me.
 Have you got your fabrics ready?

 Happy Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x x

August 03, 2013

Slight Delay

There will be a slight delay with my BOM as I am currently in hospital after contracting a blood infection.  I will be back by the end of the week and can upload the first part then.

Sweet Cinnamon Hugs,