September 27, 2013

Quilts and some Flirty BOM week 6!

This last week I have been feeling much better 
after finishing Chemo on the 30th August...
 Energy is returning, so into the sewing room I went...
 Had some long awaited quilts that need to be quilted.
So thats what I did...
quilt away and thoroughly enjoyed it.

 Have you been quilting this last week or just plodding along?

 I also got to stitch some hexi's for a quilt I am making..
 will show you some more another day.
 The back of it looks odd but 
it is the front I am needing to look good...

Thank you for your wonderful comments 
and emails on my Flirty BOM...
 I can't wait to see your quilts completed...
 Especially the different colorways..
 This weeks stitchery blocks are available HERE.
 In two weeks I will be sharing the assembly instructions..
 So get stitching.

 Happy Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x

September 20, 2013

It's Friday...Flirty BOM wk 5!

and I didn't realise it was Friday...
even though my girls
 did their normal Friday night outing to KNO
 (Kids Night Out) at the local church....
 and hubby went to his indoor Archery practice.
 Also I logged on to my Friday night sewing night...
 then it dawned on me that it is Friday...

 arrrgghh when I realised...LOL
 I was watching the footy and hand sewing some hexi's
 Has that happened to you?
 Have you ever wondered where the week went 
and what the day is????
 Well Friday's the day I share my next installment of my
Flirty Square BOM...
 and so here is this weeks pattern....HERE

 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x

September 17, 2013

Show Week!

Last week here in Adelaide we had the 'Royal Show'.
 As a treat the girls and I went along with a friend and her children.
 It was a miserable day with lots of showers but my girls had lots of fun.
 They had some lovely rides...
 The Ferris Wheel ride even with the wind and rain was great...
 Boy it was going really fast around...
 Did you hear us squealing???...LOL
 Another favorite was the Carousel...
 I remember loving this ride as a kid...
   The colorful dancing horses going up and down, round and round.
 The hot donuts from the Donut Van...yumm yumm
 and yes the girls had been darting here and there
 looking at everything that they were hot...
 Oh I wasn't, to me it was freezing cold...
  We had lunch there among the crowds and also
 the girls bought a show bag or two
 That was a feat in itself searching for the best buy...
 Thankfully it was not busy in show bag hall 
and the bag they choose was
 reduced so we grabbed a bargain.
 Then Mummy wanted to see the quilts on show...
 and Miss K wanted to learn how to make lace...
 Then on Saturday it was off to 'Stacks' at our local church 
for some more Carnival fun...
 and the girls wanted face painting... I think they look fabulous.
 Show week was super busy for us and mummy needed lots of rest
 So this week is a stay home, rest, recoup, some inside days.
 Hope your week is great whatever you do.

 Sweet Hugs
 Dawn x x

September 13, 2013

Flirty Square BOM week 4

I love the Flirt  range of fabrics 
by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics.
 Fresh looking and crisp too!
 Thankfully I have some more left so will be
 making a few more things with it.

Do you have a favorite range to stitch my Flirty BOM with?
 I am making a blue stitched one...
I am just not sure what fabrics to use yet... 
 Do you have any suggestions of fabrics to go with wedgewood blue thread????.

 This week has some of my favorite stitching blocks in it.
 I just love the garden arch and the mushroom...
 Hope to see some stitching popping up soon.
 Let me know if you have done some
 so I can link to your blog and see them.
You can purchase week 4 HERE

Must say sorry this has taken all day to upload...
 Blogger has been having some issues for me.
 Seems I couldn't Log in without an error message.
 But thankfully all fixed for now.

 Happy Stitching
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
 Dawn x x x

September 06, 2013

Flirty BOM week 3

Wow I am amazed at how many have emailed 
about my so encourages me.
 My Tuesday sewing ladies told me the
 photo I shared of the finished quilt does it no justice.
 So when it's sunny again I will attempt to photograph it again.

 This weeks stitcheries have a gorgeous owl, 
a candlestick and two word blocks.
 Hope you enjoy stitching them...
 Send me some pictures if you do, I'd love to see them.
Purchase week 3 HERE

 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x

September 05, 2013

Birthday Surprises.....

Last month was my birthday and unfortunately
I had to celebrate it in hospital.
I was still spoilt with wonderful gifts and flowers from
 my family and lovely dear friends.
 The hospital even gave me a cake... a chocolate mouse cake..yummo
sorry no pics of it...but it tasted delish.

The nurses in my ward left me a Happy Birthday 
message on my white board on the morning 
of my birthday...
So sweet of them to not wake me and write this..
all while I was sleeping.

 Miss Wendy sent me some lovely flowers to cheer me up...
 I enjoyed them for a day and they had to be sent home with hubby
 Flowers are not allowed in the chemo ward... such a shame
 but they were alive when I got home still and smelt just beautiful.

Then my darling friend Fee sent me a gorgeous array of goodies....
 Hubby bought the parcel into hospital for me to open...
 Some just adorable teaspoons...

Just perfect for using when having a girly high tea...
Want to have a cuppa with me..???

 A hoop for my stitching, some writing notes,
A new mouse sweet and frilly looking...
 a girly one..hubby will have to put up with it being all florally....LOL
 Thanks Miss Fee..Love ya x x x

 Miss Wendy blessed me again with some gorgeous pressie's...
All wrapped up with ribbons and bows... and inside was

 this adorable framed English Garden stitchery...
 Its so gorgeous, my photo's do it no justice...

 Lots of goodies too, heart shaped pins... lavender sachet, phonebook...
 yes I still write down peoples numbers, just in case my phone dies..LOL
 Thanks Miss Wendy x x x

This adorable hexi potholder, but I am using it for my tea tray...
 too nice for hubby to use on greasy oven dishes... 
or drippy sauce Lasagna trays..LOL

 And then there's this adorable one... wrapped up all special too...
 Can you see my hospital blanket underneath...
I love the hot blankets in hospital....
 This parcel was from the gorgeous Jenny...

This is such a wonderful promise and definitely true to me...
 I felt so blessed as I had seen in on Jenny's blog...
 and she gifted it to me... I am blessed.
 If you have a friend who wants to make one
 pop past Jen's blog and she has a Craftsy shop
 with this pattern as a free download... 
plus some other gorgeous patterns for sale.

 Sorry if this has been a long post, just wanted to share...
 I received some beautiful emails on my birthday
 too and facebook wishes.
 I was truly blessed even though I was in hospital.

 Happy Hugs
 Dawn x x x x x