September 13, 2013

Flirty Square BOM week 4

I love the Flirt  range of fabrics 
by Sandy Gervais for Moda fabrics.
 Fresh looking and crisp too!
 Thankfully I have some more left so will be
 making a few more things with it.

Do you have a favorite range to stitch my Flirty BOM with?
 I am making a blue stitched one...
I am just not sure what fabrics to use yet... 
 Do you have any suggestions of fabrics to go with wedgewood blue thread????.

 This week has some of my favorite stitching blocks in it.
 I just love the garden arch and the mushroom...
 Hope to see some stitching popping up soon.
 Let me know if you have done some
 so I can link to your blog and see them.
You can purchase week 4 HERE

Must say sorry this has taken all day to upload...
 Blogger has been having some issues for me.
 Seems I couldn't Log in without an error message.
 But thankfully all fixed for now.

 Happy Stitching
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
 Dawn x x x


Anonymous said...

All one color would be fun! A whimsical possibility for blue is Simply Sweet by lief!Lifestyle for Quilting Treasures. I also thought, with Christmas on the way, you could go with Frosty 'n Fun by Marcus Bros.

Melody said...

I agree, blue and white would be fabulous

rosi said...

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