October 16, 2013

Finishing Instruction with an apology!

Probably should start with the apology first.
 SORRY SORRY SORRY for the delay.
 I have spent 5 days in hospital again...
 I had been having radiotherapy for the last two weeks 
and all is going well with that.
 Prior to having the therapy I needed some physio 
on my arm due to the effects of my breast surgery.
My arm wouldn't stretch to well above my head.
 I went to a local physio and she loosened the muscles 
under my arm and also my shoulder. Don't you love a good massage?

A few days later, just after radiotherapy started I was experiencing some
 burning sensations along the underneath of both arms and across my shoulders
 It hurt and progressively got really painful...
couldn't concentrate on anything but the pain.
 I though it must be the radiotherapy burning me...
It wasn't and I found out this week the physio had massaged 
 too deeply and had aggravated my nerves to my arms..
basically caused them to inflame....OUCH
 It still hurts slightly and will need some time to heal
but I am on nerve pain medication to help it....

 Flirty Square has now come to the last week and I was in hospital, 
unable to access my PDf files from my tablet.
 So here is week 8...assembly instructions..HERE
 I hope you have enjoyed making the little stitchery's and are ready to assemble them.

 Marilyn sent me a picture of her stitchery blocks below.

 Thanks Marilyn...they look fabulous.
 Happy finishing!...Don't forget to send in the pictures so I can see yours too.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x

October 04, 2013

Almost finished....

Have you been stitching the Flirty Square BOM?
 If so send me the pics so I can share them here on my blog...
 I would love to see what colors you have decided..

 I am still undecided what blue fabrics to use for the next one...
 they will jump when I see them...
 Friday's has been coming around so fast especially
 this week too, as its school holidays here in SA.
 We have been playing tea party's, 
card and board games as its been cold outside.
 But today the sun is shining and not a cloud in sight.

 My girls are having a ball playing outside...
 I love our local garden centre.
 Me I am sniffing and sneezing as I have the dreaded spring head cold.
But it won't last long I hope...
lots of lemon and honey drinks, some pain relief, 
a nice chair to sit in stitching this...

 This weeks stitching blocks for the Flirty BOM are available HERE
 I did say there was 24 designs 
but there are now 28 to choose from.
 Next week I will be sharing the assembly instructions...

 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x