September 23, 2014

It's coming up Roses!

Roses here might be blooming a little early, paper ones that is,
but the weather the last few weeks has been slowly getting warmer.
 Nice Spring days ahead.

 We are getting ready for the first roses to bloom in our garden.
 I am sitting enjoying the pleasent weather outside.

 I just love Roses and have the most enormous Standard Rose in my back garden.
 It's 6 ft high and gives off the most wonderful display
 when it is blooming, when it is I will share another photo.
 Another type of Rose I love is the Rose Star EPP.
I am hooked, like some of my bloggy friends and
 facebook buddies who are also hooked on EPP...
I just love it, the convenience of hand stitching,
 taking it wherever I can, so as a result is
I have a little progress on my Rose Star quilt.

This Rose Star above is made from fabric
 a friend gave me for my birthday a few years ago..
 'A great reminder Rose Star'

 I was inspired HERE  with this Rose Star, it's gorgeous
and have been having so much fun making my own,
in between homeschooling and family life.
 Picking out my favorite fabrics to turn into more stars.
 Are you hooked on English Paper Piecing yet???
 I recommend it as it's so therapeutic....
peaceful and handy to carry anywhere.

I am loving it and now I am about glue some more pieces
 ready to make another fussy cut  Tilda star.

 Happy Sewing
 Hugs Dawn x x

September 21, 2014

Better Late than.... a little insight!

Life has been hectic and busy, but its like that for lots of us.
Gardening, esp now the weather is better,
 homeschooling activities and excursions.
Lots of life, Family and grandkids
 and some sewing.
 That  has been me for the last few months.
 A few weeks ago I was tagged to share and promplty forgot
 as time slipped away...
 But thought I would honor the tag and 
answer some of Beautiful Fee's Questions.
 The purpose of the tag is a blog hop for each blogger
 to tell their readers a little more about their life as a
creative person and what makes them tick,
so today you'll get a little more insight about me

Me: Dawn.

 and yes I am getting my silly on with Fee
 It was a fun week in Melbourne together.
 And having a laugh is what we needed too.

 What am I working on right now? 
 I am trying to get rid of my UFO pile.
 I seem to leave things possibly because I can't find the right fabric
 to finish it or just because of boredom.
 Whatever is the reason I can't always remember 
why but now I am on a Finish it phase.
 I am also working on some patterns for upcoming retreats and magazines.

How long does it take to create a project?
 If I have all the materials and the motivation I can get onto it and have it made
 quite quickly. Pattern writing is a pet hate of mine.

What are my favorite things to create with at the moment?
I am loving doing some EPP atm, 
I also love working on stash fabrics too. 
I have a smallish stash but still way too much,
 so am trying to find patterns like an
 Around the World and also a Granny Squares Quilt.

How does my creative process work?
  If I am schooling my girls or don't have time to go into
my sewing room and sew it straight away I may just
write it down and draw what I am thinking.
 This sometimes works and sometimes I think 
"what was I actually thinking this is wrong"!

How do I become inspired and stay inspired?
 I am usually not thinking about anything and an idea pops into my head
I can be just day dreaming or a word turns into a item or quilt...
 My girls love craft and inspire me all the time,
 they are so creative I am amazed at what they think of.

What is my signature style?
Not a 100% sure of my style,
possibly classic, pretty English meets classic, modern fun...
 What do you think my style is?   

 What is my favorite time of day?
Mornings are my favorite, even though I am a night owl too.
 But first thing in the morning, sitting in the quiet,
a cup of tea in my china cup with my bible and devotions.
Just taking in the beauty of creation.
 I love sitting outside in the warmer months enjoying the birds chirping
and the sun streaming through the garden.BLISS!

 Hope this has given a little more insight
 into the creativity in the house of Sweet as Cinnamon.

Not tagging anyone but feel free to leave a comment and your blog address
 so we can visit you and learn a little insight.

Hugs Dawn x x

July 22, 2014

Sydney the next...

Another craft fair and another week
 This time it was to beautiful Sydney... for 7 days!
 Never been there before and the weather was lovely..
 cold as it should be during winter,
 although the sun was shining during the day but no rain,
 only a light drissle on the second night... 
 I got to see the Harbour bridge, not climb it though 
and also had a ride on the ferry over the harbour.
 It was surely an amzing trip away...

 The view from our apartment balcony... 
Must admit I was a little scared especially 13 floors up...
 I did love the view though.

The lights of the city at night were spectacular...esp from the harbour.

A little stitching was order of the nights
 Fee and I watched TV after dinner and stitched,
 I must admit Fee was a lot more productive than I...
 Check out Fee's post on our Journey..HERE
 Hope you liked my recap..

Back soon with some pics of the goodies I bought while I was away.
 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x x

July 21, 2014

Melbourne one week....

It feels like only last week I was sewing my friends
 pincushion for her birthday but its been 8 or so weeks since..
 Oh my time has a way of creeping away... 
Here's what I have been doing..

 Fee had a stall at the Melbourne craft fair and I went along 
 to help and support,
 boy we had loads of fun mingled in  the hard work.
 There was lovely stalls to buy some goodies from, and be
totally inspired as well. I met some amazing people
 and loved that some blog friends and facebook buddies dropped by to say Hi.

 The walk to the venue for the craft fair which is called Jeff's Shed
 was lovely and only took about 10mins...
 we crossed this bridge everyday and the view was lovely.
The Yarra river, looked so calm and peaceful...
We have fun when we go away, chatting and laughing,
 and lately have been trying on funky glasses!
 Fee above looks like a rock star...

 And these felt like fish eyes... all distorted was the view...LOL

Our last coffee in Melbourne Airport together and it was a rushed one at that...
 We said our goodbyes and headed home for a week..

I love being home and don't like going out much..
 being away from my Darling Hubby and girls for a 6 days was hard...
 we chatted on the phone for ages each morning, lunchtime and night time..
 But I had a wonderful time and loved being with Fee,
 she is an inspiration and a darling friend, has an amazing amount of energy
 and full of adventure....

Happy Days!
 Hugs Dawn x x

May 15, 2014

Its all about Love!

I had been toying with this pattern for a few weeks for a friends birthday.
 I tried sewing it the way the pattern said and couldn't get it neat enough.
Then Fee whom I had intended it for, made a little felt elephant...
so cute... have a look at her blog HERE
 I had an idea to make the house on top of the world pincushion on a wood base, as it would be heavy enough.
 Then I thought maybe a glass desert dish would look sweet.
No it wasn't right either.
  But then after making the pincushion top...which I LOVE
I was chatting with Judy on Tuesday at sewing I decided to try it in a sugar bowl I had..
 It turned out gorgeous I must say...
 I used a Brambly Hedge Sugar Bowl as I had two and it was so pretty.

Late I know, but I know she loves it...
 I sent her a picture to make sure...
It looks so quaint and cute, just how I wanted I
it to look...
you can make one as well...purchase some wool felt 
and a visit HERE to purchase the pattern.
 Now I need to make another for another friends birthday present!

 Sweet Hugs
Dawn x x x

May 12, 2014

Sometimes Simple is best!

Over the last few months I have been thinking..
 Sometimes this can be dangerous (he he... redecorating the house is)
 and sometimes really productive.
I have started to think about blogging and where I can go with my blog,
 who I am and the purpose of life...

(picture borrowed from the net, sorry not sure whose it is but I fell in love with this and what I saw it represented)

 So I wrote some simple goals for change...

1. Spend more time with my family just hanging out, laughing, being, crafting, doing, enjoying!
2. Start to create with my own style in mind.
3. Be the person God created me to be without worrying about others perception of me.
4. Write about all things that make up the person I am, on my blog, so you can see me through my words pictures, crafting, cooking and creating.
5. Spend time with friends, whether that be by letter, email, coffee times or chats on the phone. We can make a difference in someone else's life.... even a little cheeriness to brighten their day!
6. Finish some put aside items... someone would love them even if I have decided I don't.

Simple goals but I am planning and a life with a plan is prosperous.
 So keep popping back and get ready to see the change!

 Hope your keeping well.

 Happy Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x

April 22, 2014

ABC's.... you can 'Spell it with Fabric'!

 Love the song and sang it often to
 my kids when they were little...
 Now I am sewing it with fabric....
 now you know the ABC's 
Why don't you come and play with me????

It's an adorable ABC....
 and the latest Moda Block along,
 'Spell it with Fabric'

 I found the links HERE a few weeks back and had lots of fun
 this is a free downloadable project..
*** UPDATE if you wish to purchase the BOM in a downloadable booklet you can HERE
 If you decide to make it, surely let me know 
so I can visit and look at yours too.

 I used a favorite Jelly Roll and of lots of scraps for the backgrounds.
 The fabrics just worked and it was easy as to assemble each block.

 My plan was to do a block a week, but it then it changed to
1 a day, then as they were so addictive I just went for it.

The teapot block was a freebie I found on the web,
 foundation peiced and lovely to do too.

 I am so pleased with the result... that I'm in love with ABC x x x

  Sweet Cinnamon Hugs

 Dawn x x x

April 20, 2014

Happy Easter to you!

Happy Easter to all.
 Hope you have been able to celebrate with friends and family.
 We have been redecorating for the last two weeks and although some work will not be finished till next week we are almost tidy and back to normal. I have been doing a little sewing here and there but mainly have been too exhausted by evening. So I just sit watch a little TV then retire to bed as I am tired as... renovating or redecorating has been so worth it.

Tomorrow is sewing day for me, so I will be sitting outside watching the girls play and doing a little handstitching... Can't wait!

 Sweet Easter Hugs
 Dawn x x x

March 29, 2014

Playing with little things...

I have been playing with some really little hexagons this week.
 I have had a busy week and had not a lot of time to sit and stitch but
I managed to find a little time to sew hexagons...
 3/4in ones... so sweet and so so tiny...
 they're not the smallest I have but they are super tiny.
It was fun to sew something so tiny...I can't show you the finished 
craft item just yet but showing these hexagons I just had to do.
 I am addicted to hexagons once again...
 The fabric is the leftovers from my Preston Bag...

 Its a range called Petite Maison by Bunny Hill from a few years back
I loved it when I saw it so had to have some...

Now to finish the little project..
 But first I need to have a bookcase clear out
  as this weekend I am having a book clearance...
 Going through the bookcase and boxes of books I have
 and probably won't read off they go.
They will be read again just not by me, as I am going to donate them 
to a local church for their annual book sale...

 Off to decide what stays and which goes.........
 Happy Saturday


Dawn x x x

March 23, 2014

'Relay for Life'...amazing!

Never thought that walking for 19 hours
 as a team would be so exhilarating!
 But this weekend we did just that... Our Team Family Rocks
 walking Ran and shuffled along for 19 hours along a track
 for Relay for Life... our Cancer Councils fun run.

Her I am with some of my carers who walked the first lap with me...

 Opening lap.... lots of support!
 Weather was lovely during the day...

 Our 'Family Rocks'.....

The adorable Georgie Bannard who came out to sing for us 
 and show us his support...
and let me take a photo..he he
 He's just a wonderful young man...
talented and so compassionate...
 Love his enthusiasm for life!
Thanks Georgie!

 The final lap with some of my team... they did an amazing job
 We clocked up a total of 455 laps.... 
 I walked 14 laps....
 but combined equates too almost 176km...
 and wow we are exhausted by so proud...
 I am proud to be a part of a wonderful supportive team
They are amazing really... no sleep walking all night...
We raised $2750 and are thankful
 to everyone who sponsored us, 
supported us by walking alongside us, 
made the effort to come along and join in on the fun...
 Lets fight this awful disease together and 
raise awareness for those that are suffering.

 Happy Days

 Hugs Dawn x x x

March 21, 2014

Special delivery... just for me.

While I was at Let's Get Stitched in Melbourne 
I got to catch up in the flesh with my Wendy girl...
 Just love this lady so much...
We have chatted for years over the phone 
but only met once before and that was at the 
Adelaide Let's Get Stitched 2013.
 We met via the blogging world about 5 years ago, 
I was one of the first commenters on her blog.

 We together run the 'Sew It's Finished' blog and as a reward to each lady
 that had a finish for any month of 2012 we gave them a stitchery design
 block to make up into a quilt.

 The quilt below is the complete quilt with all 12 blocks that the ladies received to stitch
Wendy so beautifully stitched this one and then gave it to me as a gift.
I just love's going to sit on the back my favorite chair in the lounge, waiting for the cool nights so I can wrap myself in it. I'm gonna be wrapped in love...

 This is so special, filled with love and the quilting on it is divine...

 Can you tell I love it???...
The fabrics, quilting, stitchery done by a dear dear friend for me..
 Thank you so much Wendy girl.... Love ya x x x

I will treasure it forever....
 Now if you would like to make this we have for a limited time the pattern available in our Craftsy shop.
 Visit HERE to purchase the complete pattern today!

 Happy Quilting

Hugs Dawn x x x

March 20, 2014

The Preston Bag!

 I just love handbags... all different shapes and sizes.
 But the thing that gets me is how many pockets a bag has...
 I just love lots of pockets!

 and I also love handles that are long enough to sling the bag over my shoulder...

 'The Preston Bag' was launched at the Melbourne Let's Get Stitched.

This is the feature stitchery pocket on the front and with a hexi flower of course.

 The back has two large pockets, ready to fill with goodies while shopping..

  I have loaded the pattern to my Craftsy site 
 Purchase today HERE
 Instant PDF Download through Craftsy, if you require a paper copy
please email me.

 I said I was going to show you my special delivery  today as well
but I will show that tomorrow as it deserves a post of it's own.

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs

 Dawn x x x x