January 15, 2014

stamps stamps...

Today has been so hot. 45C and humid too.
Lots of cloud cover too, so the heat has no where to go at night.    
 So last night my girls decided a sewing day was in order as they couldn't play outside..


They cut out, and cut out some more till they had a nice little pile of stamps.
Miss K happily ironed her stamps onto some turquoise fabric.

Miss J used some light blue... and they look great and we will quilt them in the next few days.
 I think maybe a dolly quilt or two.
I had some fun afterwards too...


I decided to make some of my scraps into little stamps.


Using my Christmas present, my new pinking sheers, Oh I just love them.

Love how the fabrics just pop when placed on white.



They remind me of the stamps I collected as a child from 'Magna'. All bright and colourful....just how I like them.
Hope your able to keep cool, or warm wherever you may be..
Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
Dawn x x

January 12, 2014

Happy New Year...2014

Wow its already the middle of January..where does time really go. Before we know it will be Christmas again...
Our family had a lovely Christmas surrounded by those dear to usIMG_5908
my two little princess's  who absolutely loved their niece and nephews coming to stay.

They are the best of friends and have so much fun, playing with the kids, laughing, and giggling together.
My girls with my Perth grandchildren. I love the sounds of happy kids, it's such a delight to hear.
My Son and DIL had come over from Perth to spend  the 3 weeks with us for Christmas...we squished into our tiny little home and just spent time together doing family...and I loved it...I was tired but wouldn't have had it any other way. 

Tree 2013

We had presents everywhere on Christmas morning, it was lovely to see the kids opening their presents and some not theirs...LOL.
New year has bought some renewed plans for me, eat less, pray more, finish things off.... I think the last one I need in huge letters on my fridge... I am a beginner, love beginning new projects. Love the thrill of cutting out the tiny patchwork pieces. So this year I am not buying any fabrics unless its absolutely needed.  And I want to finish some BOM's and enjoy doing them too. So again I have a plan...

Do you have plans???? Fabric? Craft? Sewing?
Hope you can put them into gear and start like me. That's what new year is all about isn't it.. Starting.
Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x

PS... this post has been delayed due to changes in Blogger and Google+ regarding photo's..I had trouble for a week until a dear friend helped me sort out the solution....Thanks Vicki x x