May 15, 2014

Its all about Love!

I had been toying with this pattern for a few weeks for a friends birthday.
 I tried sewing it the way the pattern said and couldn't get it neat enough.
Then Fee whom I had intended it for, made a little felt elephant...
so cute... have a look at her blog HERE
 I had an idea to make the house on top of the world pincushion on a wood base, as it would be heavy enough.
 Then I thought maybe a glass desert dish would look sweet.
No it wasn't right either.
  But then after making the pincushion top...which I LOVE
I was chatting with Judy on Tuesday at sewing I decided to try it in a sugar bowl I had..
 It turned out gorgeous I must say...
 I used a Brambly Hedge Sugar Bowl as I had two and it was so pretty.

Late I know, but I know she loves it...
 I sent her a picture to make sure...
It looks so quaint and cute, just how I wanted I
it to look...
you can make one as well...purchase some wool felt 
and a visit HERE to purchase the pattern.
 Now I need to make another for another friends birthday present!

 Sweet Hugs
Dawn x x x

May 12, 2014

Sometimes Simple is best!

Over the last few months I have been thinking..
 Sometimes this can be dangerous (he he... redecorating the house is)
 and sometimes really productive.
I have started to think about blogging and where I can go with my blog,
 who I am and the purpose of life...

(picture borrowed from the net, sorry not sure whose it is but I fell in love with this and what I saw it represented)

 So I wrote some simple goals for change...

1. Spend more time with my family just hanging out, laughing, being, crafting, doing, enjoying!
2. Start to create with my own style in mind.
3. Be the person God created me to be without worrying about others perception of me.
4. Write about all things that make up the person I am, on my blog, so you can see me through my words pictures, crafting, cooking and creating.
5. Spend time with friends, whether that be by letter, email, coffee times or chats on the phone. We can make a difference in someone else's life.... even a little cheeriness to brighten their day!
6. Finish some put aside items... someone would love them even if I have decided I don't.

Simple goals but I am planning and a life with a plan is prosperous.
 So keep popping back and get ready to see the change!

 Hope your keeping well.

 Happy Cinnamon-y Hugs 

Dawn x x