July 22, 2014

Sydney the next...

Another craft fair and another week
 This time it was to beautiful Sydney... for 7 days!
 Never been there before and the weather was lovely..
 cold as it should be during winter,
 although the sun was shining during the day but no rain,
 only a light drissle on the second night... 
 I got to see the Harbour bridge, not climb it though 
and also had a ride on the ferry over the harbour.
 It was surely an amzing trip away...

 The view from our apartment balcony... 
Must admit I was a little scared especially 13 floors up...
 I did love the view though.

The lights of the city at night were spectacular...esp from the harbour.

A little stitching was order of the nights
 Fee and I watched TV after dinner and stitched,
 I must admit Fee was a lot more productive than I...
 Check out Fee's post on our Journey..HERE
 Hope you liked my recap..

Back soon with some pics of the goodies I bought while I was away.
 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x x


CatNCart Craft said...

Sydney is a beautiful city, glad you enjoyed your stay

Melody said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time

Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! Happy Tuesday!!

angelasweby said...

What a lovely looking place Sydney is and that craft fair looks amazing.
Hope you are all keeping well :-)