July 01, 2015

Where has time gone????

I sit at my computer and wonder where my time has gone, this year seems to have flown by and I am unsure how. I have had the occasional extremely busy weeks, running my girls to this and that activity that they are doing but nothing unusual for a busy mum with little children.
Sewing and knitting have still been my companion at night when hubby is studying. So where is my time going?
Am I getting older and things take longer than I think?
If you find my time please send some back to me. I want to smell the roses again. Take long walks and relax a little.

I have made a few changes to my diet lately after discovering
 I have a few food intolerances.
We are avoiding most packaged food and cooking from scratch.
 Drinking cleanly and avoiding unorganic (is that a foods.
This is loads of fun especially for my girls who love cooking. 
Brings me to a new discovery
 Check out the amazing recipes for those with Allergies.
 I have been able to try some and am amazed at the ease of the recipe.
 They work and are totally clean for my girls and family.
 Off to make lunch and do a spot of sewing while my girls do some painting.
Many Hugs Dawn xx

March 31, 2015

Sometimes we get thrown a curve ball.

I loved blogging but when a curve ball
 got thrown my way by the means of a stalker.
 I felt very vunerable. I felt violated and very exposed.
 Why? I have no clue why this person decided to rob me of my space
 and thought it was there right to.

(more postage stamp blocks)

Why this person decided they could try to sew some discord among my life.
 I have no idea their motivation.
 My husband and I are very happily married, we love our family more than anything.
 We love God and know He directs our paths (even the dark patches)
We are honest, caring and love our friends and our hobbies.

 My first lot of blocks from Natures Journey

 These hobbies make us interesting people.
Except after that I didn't want to blog anymore till now.
 I decided this blog is a journal for me, my friends near and far.

 Fun to do, make some friends and have fun.
If you don't like me or what I write about, then go read what you do like.
 Leave me alone and find someone else to bug,
 better still find life, have fun and start your own blog.

 Hope you like the pictures of some of the things I have been doing.
 especially the homemade Easter buns...
This week we will be making some more of these.
 Now I am nursing a broken little finger after catching it on the stove
and am in a plaster cast for a few weeks..
 But that won't stop me doing what I love.

 Happy Days.

Sweet Cinnamon Hugs Dawn x x

January 01, 2015

And so another year begins!

Happy New Year!
 I love the sound of that... new plans and some new projects.
I have thought long and hard about blogging after some time off.
 It's been almost two months and doesn't feel that way but the post stamp tells the truth.
 What have we done with two months I ask...

 Besides Christmas that creeps up ever so slowly and its here upon us...

Selfies in the car as we travel to my Brothers on Christmas Eve

Love the grandsons face... the paper was more fun!

 Hope you enjoyed some pics of our Christmas and preparations ....

 Plans a plenty happening at the moment... I need to 
put some things into action in my diary..LOL

 See you soon with some quilty stitchy progress.

Hugs Dawn x x