October 26, 2018

I love hexagons, so I joined in with another stitch-along!

I love Hexagons, and when I saw this Stitch-Along on Instagram, I fell in love. The freshness and style of this quilt had me excited and I wanted to start straight away. I was a little late jumping on board with it, but better late than never. I just wanted to make the scrappy hexagons with all my leftover scrappy bits of fabric. I planned keeping it bright and fresh, so out came my scraps!

 Pinks were the most dominant color and then greens, purples (which I usually don't use much of), blues and oranges. Cover, cover, cover those 1in hexagons.  All 322 of them. I use old cards from christmas and cut my own shapes out with a hexagon cutter.

 I then glue baste them and stitch together with flat back stitching. I had found this tutorial on YouTube and loved the fact that I didn't have to hold the two hexagons really tight with my thumb and finger (giving me an ache in my thumb which was like a bad cramp). I'm about half way with my hexagon flowers and have picked out my background fabric to make the quilt.

Be Sure to look on Instagram if your on that media and check out the Kingfisher Stitch-along. There are some beautiful quilts that others are making. And have a look at Anorina's finished quilt HERE, its gorgeous and fresh.

Its super sunny outside today, perfect for a cuppa and some sewing. I'm going to go and enjoy it for a little bit.
 Have a wonderful day. I'll be back with a recipe next time for some protein balls.

Dawn xx

October 24, 2018

Hello again...... and A Farmers Wife.

I'm Back. Its been ages... I had decided to start a new blog 
BUT after much thought and lots of time (a couple of years)
 I may procrastinate...LOL. Unless its to do with fabric!!!
  I love blogging and love reading them
 (I have been a lurker...looking but not commenting). 
This last few weeks I decided NO this is what I love. I'm doing this for me.  

My intentions, or plans are to write down my goals and try to set aside a little time to do what I love doing besides sewing.

I will redo my blog dress, I like things pretty so am going to start redressing it. This may take some time but it will happen...
 But in the meantime I will continue to be posting my sewing adventures.

A few years ago I decided to purchase the Farmers Wife book I and attempted a start with o a few blocks, which I hated. They looked bad to me. So I chucked them in the corner and
with one thing and another I never happened to start them again until I saw THIS
I got really excited as I like following along and also like the accountability with projects.
It keeps me on me direction and stops me giving up.

So I jumped in and have decided to use my never ending stash of Fig Tree Fabrics and embark on a Farmers Wife journey again with lots enthusiasm.
I am a little behind as I had a few really crazy weeks.
 I also have added a few favorite fabrics that I have kept for special things.
These special things seem to never happen and I need to bite the bullet and use them.
Do you have special fabrics that you love to look at and never use??
Below is my Bunny Hill houses fabric that I adore.

 And this one below has some Brambly hedge fabric that I have
 had about 25 years...Time to use it don't you think?
I've joined the Facebook group for Farmers Wife and even though 
most are paper piecing it, I know for me I would 
prefer to Foundation piece or Rotary cut and piece.
 Whats your favorite method of Sewing?

In the next few days I will show you another stitching project I joined in with,
 A little late but I am in love with the end result.

Thanks for hanging with me.
Dawn x x