October 24, 2018

Hello again...... and A Farmers Wife.

I'm Back. Its been ages... I had decided to start a new blog 
BUT after much thought and lots of time (a couple of years)
 I may procrastinate...LOL. Unless its to do with fabric!!!
  I love blogging and love reading them
 (I have been a lurker...looking but not commenting). 
This last few weeks I decided NO this is what I love. I'm doing this for me.  

My intentions, or plans are to write down my goals and try to set aside a little time to do what I love doing besides sewing.

I will redo my blog dress, I like things pretty so am going to start redressing it. This may take some time but it will happen...
 But in the meantime I will continue to be posting my sewing adventures.

A few years ago I decided to purchase the Farmers Wife book I and attempted a start with o a few blocks, which I hated. They looked bad to me. So I chucked them in the corner and
with one thing and another I never happened to start them again until I saw THIS
I got really excited as I like following along and also like the accountability with projects.
It keeps me on me direction and stops me giving up.

So I jumped in and have decided to use my never ending stash of Fig Tree Fabrics and embark on a Farmers Wife journey again with lots enthusiasm.
I am a little behind as I had a few really crazy weeks.
 I also have added a few favorite fabrics that I have kept for special things.
These special things seem to never happen and I need to bite the bullet and use them.
Do you have special fabrics that you love to look at and never use??
Below is my Bunny Hill houses fabric that I adore.

 And this one below has some Brambly hedge fabric that I have
 had about 25 years...Time to use it don't you think?
I've joined the Facebook group for Farmers Wife and even though 
most are paper piecing it, I know for me I would 
prefer to Foundation piece or Rotary cut and piece.
 Whats your favorite method of Sewing?

In the next few days I will show you another stitching project I joined in with,
 A little late but I am in love with the end result.

Thanks for hanging with me.
Dawn x x 

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