March 10, 2008

Surprise in the mail

Today was a perfect day to open my parcel that arrived on Friday. I have been so busy I have not had chance before now to have a look, and as you can see its Moda's 'At Waters Edge' by Blackbird designs.And now to dream of what to make........ and like usual I want to start straight away...........
BUT I must finish a project before I go on to another one - well maybe I can plan and stitch a little first - so that I do not lose the idea. As it is a Public holiday and 39oC here today, the only place to be is inside with the airconditioner on and at the sewing table doing stuff, as you can guess I don't like the heat or lack of rain and cooler weather (funny as I live in the driest State of the driest Continent in the world). We have had real busy week as a family, with visits to the hospital, it is great to have the day off from the normal school runs and work to Relax and enjoy just doing stuff. Enjoy some time together as a family today if you can, whatever constitutes a family to you, even if its with your pet cat.
Until next time
Quilty hugs to all, Dawn x x x

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Everything Stops for Tea said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for visiting! I can't believe how hot it is there - its about 8 here today and the south coast is suffering under gales on top of the spring tides, about 10,000 people are without electricity!!! Isn't weather a funny thing! Good luck with the blogging!