April 27, 2008

Anzac Day long weekend!

The weekend is almost over and we have had a great time as a family. Friday being Anzac day - a day to remember and honor those men and women who went to war for the benefit of our freedom.
This is a picture of my girls as they played with the peg bucket - its amazing all those wonderful toys that can be bought and children still like to play with everyday items - I like it like that - I actually think children become creative that way!
We had visitors over for a BBQ in the afternoon and had a great time, Hubby cooked the steak and snags as the children played and my girlfriend and I made all the salads ( I am not that creative in the kitchen, so find it hard to make lettuce look attractive). As we had eaten lunch late we had an easy tea, hubby then went into the shed to do some stuff - I don't know what I am not supposed to look in the shed, thats mens domain, lol................

and I had time to catch up on my Baby Jane blocks, as well as finish the bag I was making for my swap,
this is C3 Rayelle's Fence

and this is B4 Chris's Soccer Field
and this is D3 Jason's Jacks
I have only about 6 more to do to catch up with the others who are doing the Baby Jane quilt.
I joined a bag swap a month or so ago and I just have to add some touches to my surprise part of the swap - can't show you a picky or will spoil the surprise for Donna. I must admit I quite like it so I might have to make another.

Saturday was an ideal day for inside so I cooked and sewed some more.
I was a day late but had been given this recipe for Anzac biscuits from my friend Vanessa and so decided to make some for church the next day.

They turned out great - nice and chewy - just the way we like them. If anyone wants a foolproof recipe let me know and I will send it to you. If I can get it right then its a cinch for anyone as I can't cook that well.

Back to the sewing machine to finish another Baby Jane block and then to have a lovely cup of tea - would anyone like one - kettles boiled!!!!!!!!!

Quilty Hugs to all,


Beertje Zonn said...

What a lovely photo of the children.
Kind regards,

Sonnja & Beertje Zonn
from the Netherlands

Rachel's Journal Pages said...

Hi Dawn, again,
Can I have the recipe for these cookies - look yummo!