April 19, 2008

Found treasures!

Yesterday while sorting through my sewing junk, in anticipation for my new sewing corner, lol.......I found hidden under fabric and more sewing box from when I was a child and in it was a stitchery that I did when I was about 11, many many moons ago( about 30 odd). It is a bit rough but I remember doing it and getting the instructions from an encyclopedia, the fabric from my Aunt and thread from an elderly neighbor. My mum did not sew when I was a kid so I had to search all places for something to stitch and found on the bookshelf the encyclopedia with diagrams of how to I tried and this is what I ended up with........thankfully my mum just kept it in that little sewing box which they bought me for Christmas in 1972 and there it was just as I had finished it, no edging or anything fancy done to it until now................
I have edged it with some fabric that Little Miss Flossy sent me in a fabric swap we that is what looked to frame it or quilt around it.....not quite sure....but it will be one of my treasures........for sure.
I might just need a bigger house to keep all my treasures.............or at least a bigger room.
Hope you have something to treasure from your childhood.
Have a great weekend,
Blessings to all..................

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