August 02, 2008

More pics from Loxton

As promised some more great pictures from my weekend away at Loxton.
Here is Gail and Leanne
and Georgette and Mel in the background just keeping an eye on things (he is Leanne's pal)
Julie and Danielle and I......

Julie with some of Gail Pan's beautiful Quilts in the background

Danielle and Viv ( Viv's creations - no blog yet?) with Anne in the background stitching away

I have some homework to finish - to date I have only completed 1 project 3 to go. I wonder who has finished any of their projects yet? Viv sent out a challenge to see if anyone could finish them within 3 weeks....maybe I can try, how about you?

Send me some pics or a link if you have finished some I know Lorraine has finished a couple, have a look here.
Have a great weekend and happy stitching.
Dawn x x


quiltygal said...

Hey Dawn....I'm going in my pjs!! its only about 5mins drive so not too far (I live in Eliz Downs & they are at Northern sound at the Eliz centre)I'm doing some hand quilting & I've decided to watch the rugby 'cos even tho they lost I can still admire...the skills....nothing else ....honest!!! well ok maybe just some very small amount of perving!! I'm only human.....

Lorraine said...

I have finished the doll and the the little bag...have been working on some stuff for swaps this weekend so the vines will have to wait.....great pics!

Julie (Paddymummy) said...

Hi Dawn...didnt we have a great to go and sew around some more vines...I am determined to finish our projects...all the best Julie

Leanne said...

Mmmmm would much prefer to be behind the camera than in front of it. I have had some unexpected country trips so no finishes yet.