October 19, 2008

Pay it Forward - all received!

I am blessed and it is so fantastic to be able to bless others and show love to those whom I have never met, yet have a connection( thru blogging). My Pay it Forward gifts have all arrived at there destinations so I can now show you a picture of them.
I made aprons (Leanne's House pattern-with a few strips on the bottom) for Christy, Jo and Pauline all similar but different. It was a start of a craze for me and have since made a few more for Christmas pressies. I am so glad they all arrived safely and after not to long, 2 went overseas and I had a faint thought that I had forgotten to put an airmail sticker on them.......I must have put one on the parcels or the kind lady at the post office did as they did not take 6 months to arrive.. only a few weeks. Thanks ladies for reading my blog and participating in the Pay It Forward scheme, I hope you enjoy blessing others as much as I have in blessing you.....go on, maybe be the next to start one going!
Have wonderful week,
Dawn x


Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

What pattern did you use to make your aprons. Thanks Sandra

Leanne said...

I am just in the middle of making an apron for a friend. They are really cute.