March 03, 2009

2 finished 52 to go!

I can here you saying 52 what? 52 more UFO's to finish. Well if you have been reading lately you will have read of my challenge to myself to finish some of my UFO's ( craft projects that have been sitting around half done) and you can join me if you like....leave a comment and I will enter you into the draw for one of the unfinished items..Finished of course. Missymack thanks for joining the challenge, I'm sure you will be pleased like I am once you finish one like this one that I finished and was my most urgent.................

I started ' Sally' as soon as I received the fabric and bits all in a paper bag you see it was for-the "Paper Bag Swap' that was run through the Handmade craft forum. Gail sent me some ricrac, Moda fabric and lots of buttons and as soon as I saw the ricrac I new Rosalie Quinlan's 'Sally' doll would be perfect. I started her and then got to a point were I would need to buy some paint and just put it off and then things happen were my time was stretched and I just made it with posting to Gail...The pressure was on. She arrived and is now well loved and Gail sent me this gorgeaous bag out of fabric that I had sent her..Thanks Gail it is now in use.

I am also now up to date on
Gail Pan's BOM and it is looking
lovely, just need to get some
Christmas fabric for the borders.
If you want to do this free BOM
just click on the link on my sidebar.
I think it is so lovely and quite simple for most to do...and is just
so Gail....I have done quite a few of Gail's designs and they come together great.

RAIN RAIN RAIN Hooray!!!Today we have had lots of rain and I could have gone dancing in the street I was so happy for it...I did not have any washing to dry just a thirsty garden that wanted to lap up all it could. It was so lovely to hear the rain on the roof and the smell was so sweet....and the forcast is some more showers over the next few days YIPPEE.
I stayed home and sewed with my friends who come over on a Tuesday.... more stitching of a UFO, hopefully it will be done before next week so I can post the photos.. I also baked some yummy bread and a quiche for tea...Yum Yum...I like the cooler weather, I seem to get more motivated and don't want to just sit around under the airconditioner.

Now to go to sleep...another challenge I have made myself try to keep...bed before midnight at least 3 nights a week.

P.S. Nicky of Lavender Green if you are reading this I have visited your blog and have had trouble leaving a comment.. I love your chic. Can you email me, my address at the top left hand corner of this page.

Happy Stitching,


Tracy said...

Hi Dawn :) It is very nice to 'meet' you. Thank you for your comment on my blog I'm enjoying my visit to you blog too. I really should follow your example with the UFO's!
Will add you to my reader list so I can follow your progress.

Anonymous said...

Its a great idea. Im trying very hard to complete all my ufos as well. It was extremely hard at the quilt fair last week especially not to sign up for any new boms. I will miss my parcels in the mail, but i do need to complete some ufos before the hubby has a good look in the sewing room. ....... We can do it...... good luck with the ufos,