November 28, 2009

I have been busy again... with birthdays

anniversary's, more birthdays and cooking cakes and more cakes...yum yum

stitching some little things for a party... I will show you in another post the finished result.

Avairy and Legacy
A little dreaming of some new sewing projects...
this is some of my fabric that came from 'Hancocks' when they had a free postage sale
a great way to get a bargain... it just took a few weeks to arrive.

some yummy Kaffe Fasset
I have been sewing my Chrissy swap items ( can't show atm... after christmas)
also some pressies too.. can't show them either.... sorry or else I will spoil the surprises...
Christmas is coming and real fast... must be age related as my DD are so excited and keep asking when is 'Mr Christmas' is too long for them to wait but for me too fast.... I am not finished my years goals and I need to make next years soon.....Lol

My girls know that we celebrate 'Christ's birth' and the fact is He came to earth to die for us (Easter)...
But all the commercialism is really annoying when there are people on earth that are struggling to even have a decent meal or clean water or even basic needs met.....

photo borrowed from Cathy's Blog

This is a picture of dear friends of mine Cathy, James and Christine( Baseco missionary) in the area of slums they are working in......James and Cathy took there family to Baseco, Manila to give/love/help/encourage/uplift/listen/pray for a nation/people/community that most of us would not even hear about... maybe only on the news.....and that brings me to an IDEA.... a design... that I will show you a peak of in a couple of weeks... I have drawn it and ordered some will be my contribution to the people who this Christmas will probably be without, I am only a stitcher/designer/mum who wants to make a difference to some people who have touched my heart... you can read about my friends who are making a difference bit by bit here and here
Keep a look out for 'A design for Baseco' my contribtion to a need... you can help too.
Hugs and Blessings...
Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends
Have a wonderful weekend.
Dawn x x x


Teresa said...

Really looking forward to your Design for Baseco... you have a big heart Dawn xx

Allie said...

(((((((((((Dawn))))))))))) You are SUCH a sweetie. Yes, so many people don't even have the basics, and yet today there were fights at Walmart over the sales. I look forward to seeing your design.

And I LOVE the fabric you bought.

Vicki ♥ said...

I am looking forward to your design also Dawn and you are a lovely lady to do that :)

Vicki ♥ said...

I meant to say also that I love your fabrics delish :) hugs Vicki

Micki said...

You are so sweet, and I loved your post. How very true what you said!

angelasweby said...

Dawn hi,
Your post was fascinating. What wonderful friends you have and your support of them is uplifting and so full of hope. I followed the links and read about the incredible work that the Baseco Missionary accomplishes. There is such a need for groups like this. I can't wait to see what your idea is but I'm sure it will make a huge difference :>)

I just love the beautiful fabrics you ordered from Hancocks especially the brown rosey one. That is just gorgeous :>)

You have been so busy but that doesn't surprise me one little bit!!
Hugs Angela

Jude said...

Dawn you are a true giver in this world, I hope your designs do well

Khris said...

ohhh I love those Kaffe fabrics...very nice...hugs Khris

Liz said...

Love the fact that your children know the reason for the celebrations.
Wonderful that your friends are missionaries in Phillipines. we have a missionary there asw well.

Cathy Troup said...

You are a blessing sweet lady.......the Lord provides.....I am excited for Baseco, there is an outpouring of blessing amazing!! Bless you sweet lady, we are home but our heart is home in a slum...sigh God help us deal with the logistics and get there again!! Love your friend Cathy