April 30, 2010

Do you want EQ7?'s coming soon!

I have been dreaming about buying myself EQ6
and have just discovered there's to be an EQ7..

Bigger better, more efficient, more economical..he he
Hubby would think it sounds like a car...
but I can assure him it is not as expensive
better value though... he he
I am excited... I have always done all my designs
with a notebook, calculator and pencil in hand...
Spent many hours working things out and
have probably used many trees in the process.
Rubbing out the pencil, starting again to rub out my workings..
More paper needed.....
My friend even bought me cheap notebooks
for me to scribble my workings on.
Now there is EQ7 and I want one....
I can work out my quilt designs with
the computer and this fantastic program.
it's almost here....
Do you want one too?

Hugs and Sweet Dreaming
Dawn x x


Monica said...

Have my upgrade already ordered!

EQ is a must have for anyone who designs quilts. Its expensive but worth every penny.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Have 6 definitely going to 7!!! It's fun, and not terribly expensive.........BUT, I still do my rough sketches of ideas on paper before i jump to EQ though.... There's just something about having paper and a freshly sharpened pencil or fine point sharpie in your hand that doesn't come with the software! B-) Cyndi

seabreezequilts said...

Put my order in for the upgrade yesterday

Allie said...

Oh yes I want one too - and I'm going to blog it and enter as well, wouldn't it be nice to win one??? I've been thinking how nice it would be for a couple of weeks now, was looking at EQ6, and here they come with 7!

Pamela said...

I am new to quilting and have often changed the patterns that I use to make them more "me". I would love to learn how to design a pattern etc... Can you do this withthis software?

angelasweby said...

Dawn you owe it to the planet to get the EQ7. Haha!
It would make your life so much easier plus it would save you so much time you would have more time for the family. Now there are two very convincing arguments.
Angela xx

Debs said...

Well Dawn I didn't want one until I read your blog. Lol

Willow Grove - Kez said...

That sounds great. Do they work on Mac computers too????

Teresa said...

Hi Dawn, Remember me? used to meet you at Salisbury East Community Centre before I moved down south. Have been following your blog for some time but I have only just worked out how to send a message :-). Love your blog.