April 04, 2010

Easter bunny left a Fishy!

is what my darling 4yo daughter said to me this morning
(I made them a Melly and Me
'Dee Dee' dolphin each for Easter)

and then (whispering quietly so not to scare the Easter Bunny away)
"can we see him in the backyard"...Lol
"he's got chocolate"....yum yum yum
what a sight... me in my pj's, bad hair, no shoes,
(no don't imagine it... bad for your health)
with the kids at 6am....creeping around our back garden
looking for chocloate Easter eggs....

there was lots of squeals of delight.. so lovely to hear
Now there's chocolate all over their faces...
I love the sound of happy children...pure bliss
Then it was back inside for my first cuppa
and some yummy Hot Cross Buns.

and I need lots of cuppa's today....Lots
you see in South Australia we have
Daylight Savings
that means turn the clock back one hour
and get one hour more sleep..not a chance
Not in this house... my girls wake me
normally between 6am and 7am...
well today was 7am normal time
but then we put the clock back ah ha... 6am...
So now I will need a little nap this afternoon
and lots of cuppa's... he he

Have a wonderful day Easter Sunday.
Happy sewing.
Hugs Dawn x x


Allie said...

Happy Easter Dawn!!! Your dolphins are SO adorable - sounds like a lovely morning, as long as a nap is on the schedule, lol! We have Daylight Savings too, and it ALWAYS messes me up, whether I gain an hour or lose one.

Kris said...

So glad daylight saving is over! Now the light will be right again (the mornings have been soooooo dark!) Glad too that your girls have had such a great morning! We did our traditional easter hunt on Thursday because we are camping this weekend. Such a lovely time!

Cyndi said...

Dawn, your "Dee Dee Dolphins" turned out so cute. I wish I had one! LOL And it is such a delight to hear the laughter of children...that's got to be one of the sweetest things on earth. Enjoy that nap!



Jenny of Elefantz said...

They are the sweetest dolphins!! I hope they were easier to make than the mushroom bags! :-)
Blessed Easter my dear friend!!!

Jude said...

The dolphins look great and I hope the girls dont get a tummy ache from the chocie eggs. I hope you did get that rest and feel better tomorrow. Hope to see you tuesday.

Sue said...

What a lovely way to spend Easter happy days to you all.

Khris said...

The dolphins turned out terrific Dawn....well done...hugs Khris

Maria said...

Just gorgeous to hear the squeal of happy kids on Easter Morning even at 6am. You can tell I am a granny now and don't have to hear it EVERY morning.LOL.

Love the Easter Dolphins too!!

Cath Ü said...

Happy to hear you had a lovely Easter... well done on making Dee Dee.. they sure are cute..

Cath's Blog

Cath Ü

angelasweby said...

Dawn hi,
The Dee Dee Dolphin twins are so cute . What a pair - they have such a twinkle in their eyes. What a great treat for the girls. That AND the Easter egg hunt must have made Easter very special for them. I'm not surprised you were sorely in need of a cuppa and a Hot cross bun.
Warm hugs Angela xx

manda said...

Oh Dawn, your dolphins turned out wonderfully!!! Your girls must be so happy with them! Sounds like they had the best fun during the Easter Egg hunt! I'll have to borrow someone elses kids next year and do a hunt!