April 17, 2010

Another version of Lesley's Peg Bag!

Thanks you for all your lovely comments that you
have given on my debut pattern in Homespun,

I have been a little excited...LOL..
and I've had some questions from my overseas friends
in the USA and Spain, on where to buy the magazine......
I have found you can purchase it from Borders books
so ask your local Borders for ordering information.
Now to compliment Lesley's Ironing Essentials design
I have added another version of 'Lesley's Peg Bag' to go with it.

I am now selling this pattern from my Etsy shop
for a special price of $2.50 for April only.
You will recieve a PDF pattern with both versions
of the peg bag within 24 hours.
Purchase a copy for yourself or as a gift.
I timed myself when making this peg bag
as I wanted it to be a quick and easy
project for you to make.
It sure was quick and easy and
took me only 3 hours to make and
that was with 2 cups of tea ...LOL...
and some small conversations from my DD's.
They wondered why I was making Lesley a peg bag...he he
That's a story for another time....LOL
I do have a story to tell today though....
Last night I was checking my emails and
decided I need a cup of tea...
I pushed back my chair and ah ha....
a rumbling sound.. and no it was not my chair....
and then the windows shook
and the china plates rattled,
I was extremely scared... terrified actually....
I called for my DH who was in the shed ....
I went to see him and he was already
on the lawn out the back....
slightly freaked out but don't tell him I told you... he he
and yes we had had an Earth Quake/Tremor....
here in sleepy old Adelaide, 3.8 on the richter scale
and the epicentre was just in the foothills not far from us.
I must admit I stayed up a wee but longer
than normal last night to wait and see what next????
But alas no more shakes and sleep we did.
Today the town is all talking about our
mini earthquake....LOL...
I am thankful it was only a mini....

Have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Stitching
Dawn x x


Valentina said...

Oh, how scary! (we get tremors in Cyprus, too... We can only trust God!)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How wonderful to have your peg bag in Homespun, It's just lovely! Way to Go, Dawn!

Jo said...

Congrats on having your patterns published in homespun Dawn and the peg bag is lovely too. Even though hubby and I slept through the tremor a couple of our girls felt it too and it also freaked them out a bit.Have a great day

Joy said...

Ooooh your patterns look so loverly in Homespun!!! What a gawjus peg bag to go with them :o).
That earthquake would have been so scary ... did the tinies sleep through it?? Gosh I hope so!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

Gday Dawn ! the peg bag i can tell everyone is lovely as i have seen it so grab yourself a bargain !!
As you know Dawn i only live a short way down the road from you and we didnt feel a thing from the tremor, but i must admit we had a few red wines that night as we had gone out to dinner and had just gone to bed when it had ' struck'
see ya tuesday...luv Heather

angelasweby said...

Dawn, hi,
What a shock it must have been to feel the earth moving. As Valentina above said, we experienced quite a few in Cyprus. one was quite bad and caused a lot of damage. In our kitchen we saw the floor lift like a gentle wave on the beach. It seemed to undulate before settling back down again. Thankfully you didn't experience any more tremors even though the epicentre was quite close to you.

Your pattern in the magazine looks fantastic from what I can see in the pictures. The ironing board cover is just gorgeous and makes a boring piece of laundry equipment look attractive and I absolutely adore the little iron shaped bag for the iron.

Sadly, here in England the Borders bookshops where I always bought my foreign magazines, went bust in the recession and all the shops closed down last year. I don't know if it's the same in other countries.
Hugs Angela xx

Sew Useful Designs said...

Ooh darlin' your peg bag is way too cute and definitely a must-have to go with the rest of the laundry make-over!!!

I'm shocked to discover that Borders went bust in England. It was huge!

Anyway sweetie, I'm glad the earth has stopped moving! All that digging in the front yard set it off eh?! What you like?!!! LOL...

Hugs! Vikki xoxoxo

Kim D. said...

That's an adorable bag!! Sounds like the ground is shaking all over. I hope you don't get anymore, hate that rumbling sound before they hit.

Debs said...

Love the peg bag Dawn. Yes people in S.A. were talking about the earthquake. We didn't feel anything out this way.