May 16, 2010

Follow Your Dreams!

Yesterday Australia as a Nation witnessed the
end to an incredible journey by an incredible young lady.

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Jessica Watson attempted to be the youngest person ever to sail
solo and unassisted around the world.
She attempted to circumnavigate the Southern Hemisphere.
And she made it.
She overcame many obsticles and acheived her Dream!
What a great role model for young people.
Dream a dream and then Go for it!

photo used from
I watched the broadcast of her arriving in Sydney and was
so encouraged as a parent of two young girls
that I must encourage them to follow their dreams.

While I was watching TV, I sat stitching a cushion
for my girls to put on their bed to remember Jessica
and what she acheived and that they can too
just 'Follow their Dreams' and acheive them.

I have added the template for you to make a cushion
for the young person you know or for yourself.
Download the templates here...
Cut a 12 1/2" square, raw edge applique the yacht and sails
quilt the background and then stitch
the words( 2 threads) and ropes (3 threads).
make a backing and bind the edges like a quilt.

Happy Stitching
and 'Follow your Dreams'
your never too old.
Hugs Dawn x x x


Allie said...

Folks from my homeschool group have been following her story - she's amazing, Dawn! Your pillow is so perfect, I love it so much I think I'll make it tomorrow - funny, when I think of following my dreams, the ocean and a sailboat is ALWAYS involved, yet I'm terrified of the water, lol! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful pattern!

Beeshebags said...

What a cool momento Dawn....great work, and thanks for sharing it with us all. Hugs Naomi

Shontelle said...

What a lovely idea. The cusion is gorgeous and I love the wavy quilting under the boat - very clever!

Sherry said...

I saw this on the news today! What a courageous young woman.

Your pillow is a perfect tribute.

Maria said...

Yes Jessica is an amazing young lady.
I love your cushion cover and will make one for my granddaughter.
thank you for sharing.

Vicki ♥ said...

Oh Dawn it has turned out so beautiful. You are a true inspiration to us all too. Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Jude said...

Once again Dawn you are thinking of others, well done on the cushion and I bet there will be lots made to give to our loved ones to encourage them to live their dreams. Thanks heaps.

Terry said...

What a great lesson for our children! I always encourage my two to follow their dreams and do what they want in their lives. I didn't do that way back when I had the chance. Thanks for sharing this pattern too! :0)

Cyndi said...

Wow, I was just reading about Jessica on CNN news this morning! Such a brave young woman - and what a great role model for other young people, girls and boys alike! The cushion you made to commemorate and remember Jessica's achievement is awesome, and I know your girls will treasure both it and what it stands for!



Teresa said...

Wonderful idea Dawn and thank you so much for sharing. It was so inspiring to watch Jessicas journey arrive back safely. I love your cushion, you are very clever (and quick!)

Anonymous said...

Hello from Switzerland!
I love your pillow to celebrate Jessica's performance.
I would make one to give to my grand son. He is only 6 months old but it is never to early to inspire!

Sew Useful Designs said...

What a stunningly beautiful reminder for your children, Dawn. :-) I love the quilting, and your chosen fabrics! And I adore the sentiment! Thanks for sharing sweetie!

Hugs! Vikki xoxoxo