August 16, 2010

How to sew Hexagons!

I have had a few email enquiries
asking how do I stitch my hexagons.
I had a little help when I first started doing
them again after many many years break.
My dear friend Vicki who loves
hexagons and makes the most gorgeous ones.
Stop past her blog to see the latest ones she has done.

Vicki sent me some links and here they are.
I love this method HERE pt 1 and HERE pt 2.
And another favorite which is the same method...HERE
I can save my templates and reuse them without
damaging them with a needle hole.
These are a brilliant method for a quick and neat hexagon.
Have you tried Hexagons lately.... there so easy.
Give them a go, lots of us are!
You'll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the come together.
Thanks for helping me get hooked Vicki...LOL..


Have you seen that Judith is having
a sale on her website CALICO COTTAGE.
She needs to clear out all her patterns,
up to 50% off, so have a look,
you may find just what you are looking for...
or for a gift for a friend....he he

Happy Stitching or shopping...LOL
Sweet Hugs
Dawn x x x


Penny said...

I love hexies too! My fave method is the same as beeinmybonnet. I've even made a pouch to tote~along my hexies.
I'm making your second frosty flakes :)

Tudy said...

I also have been hooked on hexies and do it the same way you do. But mine are a little bit larger. I have a smaller version but have not tried them yet.

Jytte R said...

Thank you for your very good information about hexagons. I have just found a free download for 2cm hexagons on the net and will give it a try now. I have seen so many hexagonflowers lately, but couldn't find out how small they were.
Jytte -

Carin said...

aren't hexagons wonderful. Thanks for sharing the info. :O)

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

I do the same basting method and the paper clip hint was good.......
I have used bobby pins, hair clips tiny clothes pins, and even a straight pin, but that's not so good if template is plastic. somtimes I cut them out of the thin plastic packaging that things come sealed in sometimes. For these little ones I used my fingers. But I sew my flowers together differently. I sew my center in at along with petals, still get the same results.

Vicki ♥ said...

It's a pleasure to get you hooked Dawn :) I love doing hexies as you know and seeing others too is fabulous fun. There are so many ideas out there :) Hugs Vicki xoxoxox

Corrie said...

hi there

yes she let me know that method too and I think it's going to save my papers! I was basting through the papers but then followed her link and wow like a revelation! Made retro daddy bring me home some paperclips from the office and I'm raring to go:)