September 30, 2010

Block Nine - reloaded!

 I have had quite a few emails saying
block nine doesn't work for downloading.
So so sorry for the trouble, a 4shared mishap I think..
I am computer dumb so I am unsure why?
 and maybe me too... It says on an earlier download
block eight not block nine but it is Block Nine.
 Never mind, I have reloaded the pattern  HERE and
 had a friend check it and it seems to work now...
 please let me know if it doesn't....
 and I will privately email you it.
 Happy Stitching
 Hugs Dawn x x x


Joy McD said...

No problems with downloading it Dawn, but it does say block 8 instead of 9.... but the pattern is different from block 8, so that is ok :)

Dawn said...

I have reloaded and corrected the spelling mistake or should I say missing words... he he... so sorry everyone for any probs caused.
happy stitchign
Hugs Dawn x x

manda said...

Thank you Dawn!! For re-loading it, and for emiling it to me!

Allie said...

Dawn, I am so grateful you re-posted this, I'd commented on your post for block nine and completely forgot to download it! Good heavens, I almost missed it - the horror!

Penny said...

I had no problems downloading the earlier block nine. It was just a typo error but the block IS block nine ! Thanks too for the finishing instructions. Hope to finish it soon !

Jenny's Place Online said...
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Jenny's Place Online said...

Hi Dawn, sorry but I'm not having any luck with this download, or the finishing instructions. Admittedly computers and I don't always get on, but I have tried a few times without success :( I still want to say thank you for this lovely hasn't put me :) Happy crafting, Jenny

Jytte R said...

Hi Dawn
Thank you for the lovely pattern and for emailing me.

Carmen said...

Hola Adelaida:

Ciertamente tuve problemas. No podía descargar el archivo, pero ahora está solucionado y ya lo tengo.
Gracias por la solución.

Otra cosa: quería decirte que estoy disfrutando muchísimo con este Bom.

Una pregunta:
¿Puedo enviarte una foto cuando lo tenga montado, para que la publiques en tu blog maravilloso?

Gracias de nuevo y besillos.

alf said...

Dawn, I still cannot open your link. Could you email it to me? I also could not open block 8. Thanks

Raquel said...


I love your blog and the BOM too. I hope someday I can do it. Thank you very much. You can visit my block. I'm a "learner" yet. Just I start the patchwork on june.

I follow your blog

jackiero said...

Dawn, thank you for sharing your wonderful BOM :)
Bless you & yours

AZPatch said...

I can download everything except block one. I'll check on your blog to see if there's a fix somewhere. Thanks.

Sabine said...

Hi Dawn, I tried to download block 9 & finishing instructions, but they don't work for me. I'd appreciate it if you could email them to me. My email is: sabineke@gmail dot com
Thanks a lot!