September 29, 2010

Frosty Flakes Block - 'Emerald Delight'

Have you enjoyed making these little mini hexagons.
I did and Here is the last Frosty Flakes Block.
 Emerald Delight is nice green... he he
and to me is so Christmassy.

 But I must admit my favorite ones are the aqua ones...
 Something about aqua blue that I love atm.
 What is your favorite one?
I will load up the finishing instructions tonight
after I have given you a chance to stitch this last block...Lol
 Sweet Stitching Hugs
 Dawn x x


Wendyb said...

I must say, the emerald one is very Christmassy and I love the embellishing on it but I really love red so Ruby Sparkle really appeals to me!! Both so christmassy, so we still go together!!! LOL
big sugary hugs sweety
XXX Wendy :O)

Shannon said...

I am behind but I love making them. I had never done hexies before. It is funny that my first ones are so small. It will be odd to do big ones. Thank you for these patterns.

Sheila said...

Thank you again for the terrific pattern. I'm making the hexies first and then will do the embellishing. They are so little and so much fun to do.

Allie said...

It's gorgeous dear Dawn - just gorgeous - so elegant! But I must admit the aqua is my favorite too, the color of a tropical ocean meeting the beach....sigh.

Maria said...

I will pop this one away in my folder with the others ,thank you Dawn.

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Another great block , Dawn was fun, fun, fun. am posting finished block to flicker in just a sec! Great fun, had a blast doing these, amm going to make a 2nd and 3rd set as ornaments for the tree in different colors...... what are we doing next?, lol want to come over and do my monday mystery stitch projects?

Vicki ♥ said...

As always love it Dawn. :) I love them all and they are so pretty. Thanks heaps for being so generous with these little beauties :)

Gudi said...

thank you so much, but ... I can't downlod with internet explorer and firefox.

This was a very lovely BOM

Hugs Gudi

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

posted a second one on flicker and I too could not download it, so i just worked off of the picture on your blog.

Clarypatch said...

Ya solo me falta el nº 9, ésta tarde lo empezaré, muchísimas gracias por el sal...Yo estoy encantada...Otra vez gracias Adelaide.Kiss for you.

Wanda said...

These have been the cutest. I'm working on my craft room right now and don't have anywhere to sew so I am collecting them and will make them after the room is done. Again, thank you for these, they are cute.

If you have a moment, I am starting a blog myself and would love your opinion:

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

Another nice block but I am not able to download it.
Thank you very much for giving it to us.
Greetings Marjan

Anna Fantinel said...

Hi Dawn.
Thank you for the beautiful project, I love it!
I'm making it slowly and I just finished the third Frosty Flake.
This project is my first experience with hexagons.

...Gabi said...

Hey,thank you, but i can not download it

Anonymous said...

I am not able to download block NO 9. Thank you for the first 8 blocks :-)
Gunilla in Sweden

Vlijtige Handjes said...

It is also a lovely one but I'm one of those who can not download the block. The instructions did not give any problems.
Greetz Anita

Tressa said...

I, too, can't download this block. It says the server is busy but I downloaded the finishing instructions just fine. I use firefox.

Carmen Thomas said...

Dawn I also love your BOW Frosty Flakes and am looking forward to stitching them this weekend! One problems though, I cannot download the last Pattern, Emerald, to save me. I have tried at least 30 times now. I will made do with what I have so far and be thankful for your premo generosity in doing this for your avid fans :)
Carmen in AK

KaHolly said...

It's just as sweet as all the others, but, it won't download for me. ~karen

Di said...

Hi Dawn
I can't get the download to work either. Love the design.

peawink said...

Am embarrassed to say I've fallen behind. 1-5 are done and dusted. Blocks 6-9 await my attention. But I have a bunch of friends who want to do it too .. so that will spur me on to finish mine before they come for a Snowflake Bee on October 13th.