September 04, 2010

Rain Rain... oh how I love you!

The last few days we have had lots and lots of rain...
we so need the rain.
 I live in the dryest State (SA)
 of the dryest Continent...
the more rain the better..
What does it mean for me besides wet days?...
No dry washing... hanging on airers in the house...
We can have our water restrictions lifted soon though.. yeah
The more rain the more our water supply goes up.
 Maybe this year the children can enjoy playing
under the sprinkler during summer!
 But for me it means my days are spent inside sewing,
cakes cooking in the oven, heater on,
wearing my snuggly slippers and
playing some of my favorite music while I sew.
the girls are happy to play dolly's and dress ups
 and puzzles and watch me sew... helping too at times.. he he
AND so for two days I have been madly sewing a quilt...
Yes I am mad!... he he
 Heres the peak!
 Nothing like a last minute decision to make a wedding quilt!
 The wedding is in two weeks...
 I decided on Scnibbles Plan C and it went together so easily...
 I must admit after seeing Stina's Scnibbles quilts...
Do have a look they are amazing!
 I had to make one, so decided I would for my DS's wedding, 
It was the perfect opportunity to have a play with Schnibbles.
I chose colors that are the bride's and groom's (DS) favorite colors
 Lemon yellow and grey with a hint of blue.
 This means also I will be making two of them very soon...LOL
 My other son is getting married too!
 I am quilting it tonight when the girls are in bed.

 Don't forget to have a read over at
Gumtrees for our Birthday celebrations.
 Have a wonderful weekend!

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs 
Dawn x xx


By Hoki Quilts said...

No Dawn, you're not mad just a quiklter who is motivated - you go girl the weather is just perfect.

Allie said...

Looks like the weather is cooperating with your sewing needs, Dawn! I love the rain. Love it so much.
That quilt is going to be just beautiful, I love the soft colors. Two sons getting married! Congratulations to them both!!!!!!!

Penny said...

Good excuse to stay indoors and sew! Love the colours.
Congratulations to your sons!

Unknown said...

Im loving this rain too!!! And I love the sound of the wind outside when Im all cosy inside with the heater on at my sewing machine! It will be great to have the water restrictions lifted soon...Happy sewing :)

Janice said...

Isn't the rain glorious. Just perfect for staying inside and sewing. Funny, no one is complaining about the wet weather yet, I wonder how long it will take?

Vicki ♥ said...

I love the rain too Dawn and your quilt is just awesome :) I love the pattern and the colours...I am pretty sure your son will love it :)and no you are not mad....its all good excuses to sew :)hugs Vicki xoxoxo

Joy said...

He he .... like we need an excuse to sew!!! But hey, yours is an excellent one I must say :o), how fabulous for you!!! I just love those colours and the patern is great too .... can't wait to see it quilted!!!
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Chookyblue...... said...

beautiful rain........we had some more too but not your wild weather........

Kris said...

Loving the rain here too! Love the quilt! You are such a good Mum! My DS gets married in 4 weeks, but there's no quilt being made here!!!

Cyndi loves to stitch said...

Love the color selection of your wdding quilt, it is so sodt and pretty!! Glad you had a nice rain!

Fee said...

If anyone is going to get it done and ready it will be you - LOL It is raining here too.

Hugs - Fee XX

Lucky-1 said...

Rain has been fantastic and great for sewing, finished that cushion I showed you on Tuesday. Love your wedding quilt...colours are divine.


Unknown said...

Oh I am so happy you have rain - we have been without for over a month now - I gave up on watering when its 90 plus degrees outside!!! Good for you!!!

Sue said...

Enjoy the rain. Your Schnibbles quilt is wonderful. What a delightful wedding gift for the lucky couple. Congratulations to both your engaged sons.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

enjoy your rain! we had rain 3 days in a row and really needed it. I forgot though that you are in winter until you said you had the heater on and your snuggly slippers :) we are at the very end of summer - are you at the end of winter going into spring?

Chartreuse Moose said...

Gotta love the rain, especially now that you pointed out the extra bonus (other than sewing time!!!!). Oh my, that wedding quilt is darling! I think you'll have a big hit with that! Just delightful!

Anne Lise said...

Lovely quilt you are making. About the weather - I hope it will rain now and stop when we are visiting from Norway. We have lots of rain at home, and want nice and warn weather when we go to Australia. But we are not leaving before Oct. 21. and will be there to Nov. 12. We are going to drive from Cairns down to Melbourne and stay there fro 3-4 days. I am so exited. And again, your wedding quilt is just delightful. Have a nice weekend.

Maria said...

Sounds like the perfect day to me.
We could do with some more rain too. But not until after your wedding.
Love the quilt done in the different colours.

Carrie P. said...

Well, it sure does look very green with all that rain.
Two weddings. Oh boy!
The quilt is going to be perfect.

Nancy Harris said...

I love the concept of hexagon snow flakes. I have used them before as flowers and love the way they look. I love them even more as snow flakes.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

I love that colour scheme! Mmmm....gonna be gawjus!!! I hope all the rain means SA avoids a dry summer, sweetie.