November 20, 2010

Cross stitches from friends!

   Chookyblue is having the Cross-Stitch Display Part 2.
As I don't have any to show of the ones 
I have completed over the years 
( they have been given as gifts)
 But wanted to show this to you.
 My neighbour Lesley made this  about 16 years ago 
for her little boy (he is now 16yo)
Sorry it's blurred.
I have the pattern and she stitched it in 10 days
 at night while  we were watching the Olympics.
  An amazing feat... I am sure at that Olympics
 we swan and rowed every stroke for the Aussies
 As well stitched...LOL
 I am so amazed and  it will eventually
adorn one of her Granchilds wall....One Day!
 Gorgeous little rabbits all doing a different occupations.
  And this last Cross Stitch is a favorite and hangs in my kitchen.
 It is filled with  homegrown lavender and
was made esp for me by my Faraway Friend Angela..
Hopwe youv'e liked this little display
 Be sure to pop over to Chookyblue's blog
for the list of those that are participating again.
 Have a nice weekend.
 Hugs and  Blessings
 Dawn x x x


Chookyblue...... said...

your friend did a beautiful cross stitch......
love the "D".......thanks for sharing......

Graciela said...

Hi Dawn!!! lovely stitches kisses and hugs

loulee said...

Those bunnies are adorable.

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Wonderful to see what others have made and are showing and have had made for them! Fabulous.

angelasweby said...

Dawn hi :>)
This cross stitch display is lovely. Thank you for including mine too. I'm so glad you can enjoy the lovely smell of lavender. I visited Chokyblue's blog and saw some wonderful pieces.
Your faraway friend :>) xx

Alessandra said...

I never done cross stitch, only half stitch, but I think one day I should try... these look so sweet!