November 30, 2010

Family Birthdays

November is a BIG month for us as a family.
 We have four Birthdays to celebrate.

  No 1 Son's birthday was actually on No 2 Son's Wedding day. 
 Family tradition thing... marry on the brothers birthday.... LOL
 I married on my brothers birthday
my Mum married my Dad on her brothers 21st birthday.
This just happened and was not thought 
about till after this last wedding....

 Then the very next week we had Miss J's 5th birthday
 and Our Wedding Anniversary.
 Followed the very next day by my DH's birthday 
and my new DIL's birthday.
 So we had lots to celebrate.
 So much fun....and lots of CAKE.
 Hope December is a bit queiter but I don't think it will be
 with parties and dinners to celebrate.
 Have you got lots planned?????
 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x x


Penny said...

What a fun coincidence ! Great time saver too for each anniversary celebration!

Happy birthday EVERYONE!!!

Fee said...

Gosh I am tired just reading about how busy it has ben in your household. Come january 1st we can all take a big breath until it all starts again :)

Allie said...

Well Happy Birthday and Congratulations and Happy Anniversary and did I forget anyone? Love your family tradition of marrying on your brother's birthday - that is too neat, Dawn!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday to one and all especially Miss 5yr old.
What is it about November . I have
My, DH, SIL, BIL, Niece and now our beautiful Great Granddaughter born on the 18th

Sue said...

Ah yes November is certainly a great month for celebrations. Best wishes to everyone.

AnitaS said...

You have had a very special November with lots of fun. In december I have one birtday,me turning 65.

Laura said...

How nice to have so many parties in one month.
I am sure that evry single one of them was a joyful event.
It was so nice to hear your voice the other day, lets hope that we can soon do it again is my term to call now, so please send the numbers
Hugs and love

Vicki ♥ said...

Wow...lots of birthdays and a very busy month Dawn. I am amazed with the coincidence. :) hugs Vicki xx

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a bundle of 'happies' you have had!! Here's another -
"Happy happies to all of you!" :-)

Joy said...

So many wonderful reasons to eat cake!!!!! Happy birthdays and happy anniversary to you!!!! Here comes December sweet Dawn so that you can catch your breath ;o).
Love n hugs,
Joy :o)

Anonymous said...

How nice to know you have a special month to look forward to. October is a bit like that for us. BUT... the BIG year for us is 2028... DH will be 50, I'll be 50, DS1 will be 23 (so nothing exciting!), DD will be 21, DS2 will be 18... and we'll have been married for 25 years! What a year that one will be!

Sew Useful Designs said...
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Chris H said...

Wow that is a lot going on!
Enjoy all the cake.

angelasweby said...

Dawn hi,
So sorry I missed a young lady's birthday :>) I hope she had a fantastic time.

What an amazing set of dates you have in your family :>) January and February are the two months that loom out of the year for us :>)
Warm wishes Angelaxx

. said...

What a gorgeous blog, thanks for a lovely post.

Ivory Spring said...

Lots of sweet family memories there. Happy Birthday to the Birthday babies, and Happy Anniversary to you and your husband, Dawn.

Jude said...

That`s eerie, all three marrying on your brothers birthdays. the photos of them all were good to see.