November 01, 2010


Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and old remedies.
We had our results back of the whooping cough test and it was all clear.
Praise God!
We did find out that we all need to have another 
whooping cough vaccination, as we have
not enough antibodies in our blood.
I never knew it should be redone as an adult 
after a childhood vaccination either.
 Food for thought.
 I did use the Vicks on the feet and it works for sure.
Also the Honey and Lemon certainly
helps the throat not feel so sore.
My friend Khris organized a Friends Swap
a few months back and I was swap partners with Narelle...
 I sent Narelle her gifts on the day we arranged to send 
 and we both received them a few days later.
This is what I sent Narelle...

Photo's from Narelle's Blog

And this is what Narelle sent to me.
 I was so blessed when I saw an
enormous box on my door step.
 In it was an amazing array of gifts from Narelle...

F - Four things... fabric, buttons, lace and threads.
R - Roses wrapping paper and cards.
I - Inches and inspiration
E - Embroidery hoop and Elephant egg cups ( my girls adore them)
N - Needle holder ( with my name embroidered on it)
D - Dilly bag.( I love this)
S - Scarf. Hand knitted and so so soft.
 as well as yummy shortbread bickies,
chocolate drink sachet's, mocha sachet's
Christmas ornament, and cinnamon tea bags.
 THANK YOU NARELLE for being my swap partner 
and FRIEND.You have blessed me so much.
 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs
Dawn x x x


Melody said...

Glad you got such lovely gifts, you deserve them.

KaHolly said...

What delightful gifts, given and received!! ~karen

AnitaS said...

You had a good swap too. Me and my partner had a great time emailing and we still do.

Maria said...

So pleased you were all clear of the whooping cough.

What a beautiful box of FRIENDS gifts.

Sue said...

Gorgeous goodies both coming and going. Hope the health fairies are buzzing around busily too.

Gladys said...

Hola, Dawn! Me alegro muchísimo que Ud. y su familia estén bien y que Vick en sus pies haya funcionado! Cuídese mucho! Disfrute sus bellos regalos! Un fuerte abrazo!

Fee said...

I am so pleased that you are feeling better sweetie. Gosh look at all of those goodies that Narelle sent you. Sounds like it was just what you needed to cheer you up. Hugs - Fee X

Cyndi said...

Dawn, I'm just off my blogging break and am sorry to see that you and your family have been ill. I'm glad that it wasn't Whooping Cough and hope that you are all on your way to better health now! I didn't know you had to be re-vaccinated for Whopping Cough as an adult either until last year when my doctor gave it to me along with my flu shot!

What lovely things you received in the FRIENDS swap! That was so much fun...I hope Khris does it again next year!

Be well, my friend!



Allie said...

I'm so glad it wasn't whooping cough, I didn't know you had to be re-vaccinated for it either until lately - they've been urging seniors to get it done now! I'm also very glad the Vick's worked. Now if I can just remember it for next time, lol.
Your swap gifts are lovely, sent and received!

Jude said...

wow Dawn you certainly have some lovely gifts and I`m sure your partner will love hers as well.

veronica ghernetti said...

cuantos regalos y que lindos!
Termine el bom que organizaste, si queres pasar por mi blog a mirar los detalles te dejo el link, igual te mando una foto a tu mail
Muchisimas gracias por tu tiempo y por compartirlo!
Espero que esten mejor de salud!
Dios los bendiga!
Saludos desde la patagonia Argentina!

RG said...

Hello Dawn...
So glad you're on the mend... I've been head down and didn't know you were sick... get better!!
Whooping cough can be a shocker!!
Take care xxx

Oh yes you and Narelle did a fun swap. Narelle is a real sweet lady and does beautiful work.
Enjoy using and playing with all your goodies!!

Toyin O. said...

The gifts look great.