December 16, 2010

12 days of Christmas!

Yesterday we had Our Sewing Group's Christmas Luncheon...
 And lunch on we did....yum many yummy foods to eat.
Also we exchanged secret santa gifts... wow
BUT As part of our Christmas gifts to each
other this year it was decided the we would use the
'Twelve days of Christmas' as the theme for our gift giving,
 throughout the year
 We each pulled a name from the basket each month
and bought a gift for that person
based on whichever month it was.
Eg:...'On the first day of Christmas
my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree'.
 the gifts that were given ranged from a Pear pincushion, 
a stitchery of a bird in a tree, and a one stack of Lavender sachets.

 We had so much fun, laughing and enjoying each others company.
 and all had wonderful gifts. We were truly spoilt by each other.

These 5 adorable Angels had 5 golden ringed buttons on them.

wall hanging, stencils, trivet and tin of sewing items.

Coasters, trim, Sketch pad, 2011 calender
Christmas tin (with ribbons and a lace bell - not shown)
 and my Secret Santa gift was
an adorable Christmas cake slice and cheese knife set.
 Thank you Judy, Khris, Lucky, Heather, Veronica, Joy and J..
our times together are simply wonderful!
I so look forward to you all coming over to sew and chat,
my life is fulfilled because of you all.
 We had an absolute Ball... the bestest day.. he he

 Have you had your Christmas break up too???
 Hope you also had the bestest time too.....

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x

P.S. Tomorrow I want to share with you a yummy recipe or two!
 AND I am doing a 'Frosty Flakes' Parade on Saturday
showing all the completed 'Frosty Flakes wall ahngings'
so if you want me to parade it
 email me the photo so I can.
 I already have a few, thanks ladies.


Melody said...

What a great idea and what a fabulous bunch of goodies. I did have the bestest time at my break-up and I'm very glad you did too.
I've been gathering up all my bits and pieces ready for your BOM next year - I'm really looking forward to it.
Thank you too for all the lovely things you have shared with us. Frosty Flakes was the most fabulous idea.
Looking forward to the recipes tomorrow.

Maria said...

What a lovely group of ladies you belong to. Such fun getting all the special gifts together. You surely were spoilt.

Oh NO!!! I have not done my Frosties.But will enjoy seeing what others have done.

Allie said...

What sweet gifts - sounds like a really fun group, Dawn! Looking forward to that recipe, yum....

Fee said...

That is such a brilliant idea - Love it !! And look at all of those goodies - Wonderful.

Hugs - Fee X

Chris H said...

That was an awesome idea, and what lovely gifts.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

What a blessing to have these friends to stitch, give, and party with! :-)
Looking forward to the FF parade!! \o/

Anonymous said...

Hello from the USA! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and the wonderful stitching you do. Frosty Flakes is something I most definitely want to stitch even if I'm starting a year late. I would especially love to know the source of the pattern in picture #3 of the three partridges. What a blessing to have intimate friends in your stitching group.
Thanks, Beth
bhambeth (at) gmail (dot) com