February 08, 2011

A birthday and a NO!

This last week has flown by
 and I am exhausted.
My DD MissK had her 4th birthday.

She asked Daddy and I for a Iggamogga party,
Well like us you may ask what is Iggamogga?
We did and were totally perplexed to what she meant.
Well after much google searching 
we found it was Igam Ogam.. 
 It's a cartoon on one of our TV stations 
about a cave girl and her cute.
So I had to work out how to make that into a little girls party.
 thinking! thinking!.
 I decided her house would make a nice cake
and we had party bags with an Igam Ogam picture on it 
and yummy cave girl goodies inside... 
 All in all a great party for Miss K.
 Mummy and Daddy were tired afterwoods...
 The next day she asked for another party,
 this time Pepper Pig..LOL... maybe next year!
 what is this you may ask...
well Kelly from Charming Chatter
 and I have been chatting...LOL
 and I decided to join with Kelly's Word Up!
 Word Up what you ask????
 You can read about it HERE
 and maybe join in too
 My word for the year is NO!
No No No No No
 No, well I need to say NO to myself more often.
 No to things that take my time from my family,
No to the things that are bad for me,
like chocolate, sugar and sitting on the couch.
No to make another project without finishing one.
No to buying more fabric without using from my stash.
 I am practising No on my self more often...
Give it a try!
 With that I need to say Yes to the good things.
 Like eat more fresh fruit and drink more Water...
 More fun times with the family,
 and yes to that fabric does look nice and is in my stash.
 For now anyhow... he he
Hope your week is the best!

 Happy Stitching

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
 Dawn x x


Chris H said...

YOur daughter is gorgeous, love her cake... made me drool!
I need to say 'NO' more often too... to lots of things... including fabric... so sad.

Graciela said...

Hi Alba!!!! congratulations for your daugther!!
the cake is lovely
kisses for you, and i like your NO!!! me too hehe ♥♥♥

Sheila said...

What a delightful party ,and so unique , Happy Birthday to your precious daughter .I agree NO is a word we all need to exercise more ;-) when it is in our best interest or the interest of our loved ones .hugs Sheila

Sheila said...

What a delightful party ,and so unique , Happy Birthday to your precious daughter .I agree NO is a word we all need to exercise more ;-) when it is in our best interest or the interest of our loved ones .hugs Sheila

Allie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISS K!!!! Oh she is just adorable, Dawn! You did a gorgeous job on the cake, I need to fly you over her to do mine, lol. LOVE the palm trees.

What a good word, hon, so glad you're joining in! I think I should practice NO as well.

Mommarock said...

Such a small word, and yet it seems so difficult at times! We are only human, and I just try to do the best I can one day at a time. And chocolaate.. is my downfall for sure!! Fabric, well mmmm almost like chocolate.. but family is first.. I so know what you mean!

Wendy said...

How two little letters can make such a huge statement is wonderful! Awesome choice of your Word Up word :) Maybe one I should employ also .... lol

Happiest birthday wishes to your darling 4 yr old!! My DD will be 5 in April...who knows what birthday theme we'll have this year :) lol

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Mow that is one awesome looking cake...Oh so cute Dawn...Happy Birthday to your precious daughter...Words...NO....I might have to look into that one...

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet little daughter -what a cutie!! And, Dawn - my gosh, you're talented. LOVE the cake you made - so cute. And, I love your word, too! Here's to lots more no's to the not so good, and lots of yeses to the good!!! So glad you're joining us!!

Jude said...

Dawn the cake is fabulous and Kizzie must have been very happy with it. I will hold you to that NO word and help you to achieve it.

Preeta said...

Happy Birthday!! to your sweet little daughter, I am sure you all must have a had a good laugh after searching Igammoga.
And what a wonderful cake, You are an artist when it comes to baking too.!! I am a regular visitor to your blog...
Your designs and projects are superb!!
Well with regards to No I really need help in saying it to many temptations.
Thank you for all the inspirations.

Maria said...

So pleased your little one had a great birthday and you worked out the theme. Well done parents.

WOW! NO is the best word. See if you can stick to it. LOL

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You are so clever to make that gorgeous cake!! :-)
Happy birfday sweet girl!!!

No...yes, that's the perfect word for your sweet self.
Mine is 'release'.