February 23, 2011

Quilts galore for QLD

Together with Sew Prim Khris, Jude, Lucky
and a huge amount of others from Khris's Friday
 sewing and the online Craft ladies we made these quilts.
 I had the privledge of quilting them
 and it was an honour to join in such a great cause.
 Sorry the post is long but I wanted to
show how beautiful they are.
The quilt above was made by Amanda on a Friday
 and this is her first quilt she has made.

A gorgeous Raggedy Anne and Andy quilt

This was a complete quilt donated by a friend of my Mum
 Sheila thankyou so much for your generosity!
A Raggedy strip quilt.

Quilt top above made by Pam and hard to give to Khris...
 It would love to have lived at my house...
 Judy bound this and two others. Thanks Judy.
I just love this Star quilt.

Another Raggedy strip quilt, some little child will love this!

Another gorgeous girly quilt.
 And Raggedy Anne and Andy riding together.
 To the ladies that have joined together
 in making these quilts of Love for the people of QLD.
It has been an honour to be a part of this with you.
 Pat yourselves on the back.

 Hugs and Blessings
 Dawn x x x


Karen en Marc said...

They are all so beautiful and so full of love. Well done ladies, the new owners will be very happy.

KaHolly said...

The results of your incredible efforts gives me goosebumps clear down to my toes!! ~karen

Maria said...

Big Hugs to all the ladies for helping to make these lovely quilts for others. I am sure they will be loved.

Wacky Woman said...

Blessings to you all my friend.

Pip said...

Well done to you all, someone is going to love one of those quilts when they arrive.

RobynLouise said...

Lovely quilts with lovely thoughts behind them! Well done :)

Preeta said...

All the quilts are beautiful..... and done with so much love. They are really going to love them.

Jodi said...

Wow, that is just amazing. Some very special people are going to be so blessed by these. They are just beautiful and such a truely generous gift of time and materials.
Congratulations on an inspiring gift of love.

Liz said...

What a lovely post about the quilts for those up North. They are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What sweet quilts and wonderful ladies who made and donated them. Every one will be loved and treasured, I'm sure.