May 14, 2011

Trouble with blogger?

I am having a problem with blogger like lots of you seem to be as well. If you visit and get this post, I have done it in Live Writer and hoping it works.

I am around, just busy being Mum/Nan...LOL...and have had lots to catch up on sewing wise and am attempting to get some finishes soon. I have seen my little grandson grow in the last few weeks from newborn to little baby boy with personality. He is just so adorable, we love to have lots of cuddles with him. He has put on some weight and is alert much more now. DSC07429 I am hoping to get some more photo's this weekend.  So I will be back with some to show you and some stitching pics too.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and that blogger is not playing up for you too much.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x x


Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

Aw, so nice, its a lovely family picture. I have just been looking after my granddaughter who is 3months old, I should have posted a few pictures. She dose have a few problems with Reflux and we are hoping it won't last for much longer. Other than that she is all smiles.
Have a lovely weekend.

Wendy said...

Blogger's had a huge problem over the last few days but is supposedly being fixed. Not everything has been restored yet. I haven't tried Live Writer yet but know others who also like it.

Sweet pic of your grandbaby!!

Maria said...

Oh Dawn both your DD and wee GS are just adorable.

Yes I had problems too. Have used Windows Live Writer for quiet awhile now and love it.

Allie said...

Yep, blogger was down for about 24 hours and it drove me nuts, lol! Oh your new grandson is too darling, but Dawnie girl you are too young to have a grandchild! The little ones are too precious for words!

Seams Sew Together said...

He is so precious Dawn, Beautiful!

Pip said...

Gorgeous picture Dawn, I use Live Writer for posting to my blog as well. Once I saw that Blogger was having technical problems I didn't try to post at all, I used it as an opportunity to catch up with things.

Wendyb said...

hehehe...just like me...I was totally oblivious to the problems until I tried to sit down and catch up on Friday.....NO GO!!! so more stitching! LOL
Your darling boy is growing so fast....the girls sure love him too.......beautiful cuz's!!!!
love ya
Wendy :O) XXX

Dianne said...

What a gorgeous photo, such a cute little pair. Just wanted to say I have just switched to using live writer and love it. Dianne

Kylie said...

Hi Dawn,
Yes, I have had blogger problems too. I thought it was just me though. :)
What a beautiful pic of Auntie & Nephew. :)

Marilyn said...

That is a precious photo- definitely a keeper. Our grandchildren are so precious. I have just had 2 of my grandsons (5 and 4 yr old brothers) to stay for 3 nights, to give their Mum a chance to go and stay with my other daughter. It was a lovely weekend.

I figured the problem must have been with blogger, not just me.

Look forward to seeing your finishes and stitching activities - but baby hugs first.


Chris H said...

First off... HELLS BELLS you don't look old enough to be a Grandmother!!!! But congrats on the wee man ....

And blogger is all better now! Well, I hope so. Being unable to blog for over 24 hours nearly did me head in! lol

Diana said...

Great pic Dawn, both children are just gorgeous. hugs

Vicki ♥ said...

Gorgeous photo of your lovely Missy and grandson :) How precious are they :) hugs Vicki xxx I am glad blogger is up and running again too :)

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

What a beautiful photo! :)

Jenny of Elefantz said...

That's a photo to frame, Dawn. Gawjus!!

Liz said...

Your little ones are gorgeous. they all grow too quickly.