June 17, 2011

Brr Brr Brr...its cold outside!

Winter has definately set in the last week or so
 Its been so so cold...Brr Brr
The sniffles and sore throats that we had for the 
last couple of weeks have gone for now..
 Thanks for the well wishes, your so sweet to write me and
wish me well.... not much sewing was done, but lots of movie watching.
As I looked out the window this afternoon 
all I saw was rain and wind, and it looked and felt cold cold cold.
A few weeks ago we were running through the leaves
in our Botanical Park and Gardens
 Tossing Fig and Maple leaves into the air
 It's so much fun!

 Best of all is climbing on these century old Moreton Bay Fig Tree trunks.
 They are so majestic...
 Stand so tall and have so many a story to tell I'm sure.
If only trees could talk hey....
Tonight after dinner of some yummy hot minestrone soup,
we are going to watch a movie(finding Nemo), eat popcorn 
and I am going to help the girls knit a scarf,
or should I say finish them off.....

Happy Stitching

Keep warm or cool wherever you may be, enjoying your night.

 Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs

Dawn x x x


Fee said...

Aaaahhhhh Movie Night - Have a wonderful night with your girls - I love Finding Nemo - It is a lovely movie.

Hugs - Fee XX

By Hoki Quilts said...

It's flipping freezing here too and the Winter chills and ills have arrived - ahh well, guess I'll just have to eat the choccy biscuites to make myself feel better eh?
have a great time with the girls

Erica said...

Have a wonderful night with your girls!

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Allie said...

That park does look fun Dawn! So glad you are all feeling better. Finding Nemo - I love that movie but parts of it scare the pants off me.

Stay warm and enjoy your movie night, sweetie!

Vicki ♥ said...

Many movie nights happening here too Dawn :) Too cold to be outside and there isnt much sun to catch either. I love those trees and I remember climbing on some when I was a girl in Adelaide :) Have fun with the choccie bikkies and Finding Nemo...I so love Dorey? The blue fish hehehehe. Hugs Vicki xx

Anonymous said...

Ahh... One of our favourite autumn activities was "catching leaves" as they fall from the plane trees in the Botanical Gardens. It has been cold here in Melbourne too. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dawn, that anon was me!

Maria said...

At least you have lovely memories of the visit to the park. My DD had family photos taken in the autumn lease. Just gorgeous.
The big figs are amazing.
Movie night with the girls and knitting sounds great.
Enjoy your weekend.

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

I was looking, and said "What?" when I saw the leaves. Then I remembered where you live and it all made sense! I think you should sit and knit and have a nice cup of something warm. Maybe a nice quilt on your lap, and loved ones all around you! Just sitting watching them will keep you warm!

Linda said...

What fun in the park...your girls are so cute! Enjoy your movie night...I loved Finding Nemo...such a wonderful movie:0)

Unknown said...

MOvie NiGHt! Really great fun and a favorite here also. The girls look like they are having a wonderful time! Have a lovely evening...Oh, I do love the scarves...

big hugz

Melody said...

Fabulous photos. I remember playing like this, and I remember my boys playing like this and now it is so lovely to see your girls. Just lovely.

Jen said...

Oh it's cold here too!! sounds like a perfect evening, I looove Finding Nemo!!
jen xo

Chris H said...

Brrrr...cold here to now!
I took a photo of a tree like that too recently. They are amazing eh?