July 18, 2011

A little innovation goes a long way.

I was amazed at a picture of this gorgeous bag
that was in my inbox this week...
Catherine from France sent Vicki and I a picture of the bag
she had made for a friend.
Using the stitcheries that are available each month 
 with our 'Out of the Box' BOM..... Catherine put them to good use.
You too can use them for whatever you wish
and Catherine made them into a bag..
 I love seeing others make up what they want out
out of the stitcheries. Have you loaded yours to Flckr
so you can go into the Surprise Giveaway!
 Be sure to get those 'Out of the Box' uploaded
to be in for chance to win one of TWO giveaways

Now just a little sneak peek...
 Ooh I love holly leaves and berries!
 And what might this be???
I know for sure its
 of things to come for Christmas!
 EEK, that word...CHRSITMAS
I so love Christmas and all its trimmings,
the love we share with each other,
the celebration of Jesus and all He
has done for us!
This year I planned to get ready early
with a few new hand sewn items.
 I will be sharing one of these with you very soon..
Have you started getting ready?
Have you written the list and planned what to make?
Not long to go.....5 months, 159 days, 22weeks.
Arrhh plenty of time you say...LOL
Time sure does go quick...
Well I have more than 22 items to make.
How many do you have to make?

Happy Stitching

 Sweet Hugs

Dawn x x x


Khris said...

The bag looks great...well done to Catherine...hugs Khris

retdairyqueen said...

Well thanks for the Christmas reminder Not!!!!
Ha Ha

Melody said...

What a clever cookie, Catherine is. I love the bag.

Sew Useful Designs said...

What a clever idea from Catherine! Love the colours she's used, too!

Twenty two items to make,Dawn???? Wow! You're going to be one busy mama!!! LOVE the sneak peeks - you are right - Christmas is SO special. I look forward to it all year round!

Chat soon honey!!
Hugs! Vikki xoxoxo

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

I love the bag it is nice, I like the long handles so much better.
Oh no don't mention Christmas, but it makes sense to plan I will do this when i come back from my holidays promise.
best wishes Julie.C

Linda said...

Love the bag...very good idea!It's too hot to think about Christmas, but I know I should start! You're right...the time passes too fast!

Allie said...

I love the bag that Catherine made - beautiful! Your sneaky peek looks so lovely, dear Dawn, can't wait to see!

Chris H said...

Very pretty bag!
Christmas! Ekkkkk.. I must pull finger.. I must pull finger....

Oldprincess said...

un saludo muy especial desde el otro lado del mundo...Colombia.
Visito con frecuencia su blog, me parece hermoso y muy inspirador, no dejo comentarios por la barrera del idioma, pero la felicito. un abrazo muy fuerte. hasta pronto

angelasweby said...

Oh wow, i love Catherine's bag. her friend will be thrilled.

Also, you're back to your old tricks again I see with your tantalizing sneak peaks...haha!
I love that word Christmas and I love the look of that holly.
Thanks so much for the timely reminder to get the lists up and running. Making Christmas lists is half the fun. 5 months and so much to do...haha!
Warm hugs Angela xx