August 06, 2011

Amazing Quilter...beware long post.

Thursday night I had the honor of sitting with 250
or so other quilting enthusiasts
(mainly ladies but a few gentlemen were there too)
at the Quilters Guild of South Australia, Burnside SA.
There to watch a trunk show with Sharon Schamber...
 WOW oh WOW oh WOW... I was gobsmacked.
Sharon allowed us to fondle her gorgeous works, 
as well as get up close and personal
 with the quilts and see her amazing stitches.
 She was such a delight to listen too along 
with her husband Gene (hope that's the correct spelling).
 I was intrigued at her wonderful stitches, 
so so small ( 22 stitches to the inch)
 and her techniques are so foreign to me but they obviously work
Below are some Photo's of her amazing award winning quilts....
 Enjoy pursuing.....

above hand painted and quilted

 Lady in the green dress remade, slightly different to the first
 and such an effort, shame about the first quilt.
 Check out the quilt behind Sharon above

 Here it is close stitching on white.
 Knotted piping to hold it together...fabulous work
 Me next to it
 K for Khristina... thinking of you.
 Amanda's hand close up to see the intricacy...
 I just love circles and this was similar to my Blush quilt pattern...
different technique but same effect

 amazing quilting on it...

 What did I glean for Sharon's advice and chat.
1. Take as much care with each item as required to make you satisfied.
2 Explore other mediums with each new project.
eg: silk threads, beads and piping.
3. Every persons project is a work of art to them. 
Appreciate it with them even if I don't like the design or color!
 They love it and are so very proud of their work.
 4. Go to as many trunk shows and classes
as I can to learn new techniques.

 Sharon spoke on many of her gorgeous quilts
and the inspiration and technique of each,
 It was a wonderful way to spend my Birthday evening

One thing Sharon said she did when doing needle turn applique 
'the Sharon Schamber way' was to use a muslin as the background, 
washed once and hung on the line to dry....yep got that!
 Then for the applique she used 100% cotton,
washed and dried it in the clothes dryer
 and repeated this last step 3 times.
 I wondered about WHY???
and on Friday I realised that by doing this 
the fabric would definitely shrink 
and therefore the count would be higher,
The higher the count the softer and more pliable the fabric.
Don't we all love 12,000 count sheets on our bed to sleep within. 
 Like sleeping among silk, nice and soft and luxurious.
 That's what our fabric will feel like to sew with.
 Next time I needle turn applique I am going to try this.
 Hope you've liked being part of the trunk show too.

  Happy Stitching
Off to sew as my machine is back and waiting for me to play.
 Back tomorrow with some Birthday pressy pictures
 also a Giveaway for 800 followers...

Hugs Dawn x x x


Fee said...

Wow !! They are awesome Dawnie - I have a feeling your are going to be head down butt up aftr all of that inspiration - LOL Hugs - Fee XX

Anna said...

They are so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria said...

Thanks for sharing Dawn.
They are gorgeous.

Chris H said...

That's not just quilting, it's FINE ART!!!
Amazing amazing amazing.

Vicki ♥ said...

Fabulous quilts and such awesome inspiration Dawn :) Glad you got your sewing machine back and now you wont have to use the kids ones hehehe Hugs Vicki xx

Unknown said...

Sharon's quilts are works of art...masterpieces all of them! I saw her quilts last year in person at a quilt show. Fantastic backs as well...all sparkly and such! Fine stitching...


Melody said...

Thank you so much for this post. Amazing quilts.

KaHolly said...

Sounds like a pretty humbling experience!! What exquisite work. Truly inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Amazing! Thanks for sharing... Karen

Sharon said...

Oh! Thank you for sharing! Those quilts are amazing! 22 stitches to an inch?! I have a lot of practice ahead of me.

Sheila said...
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Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing the show and all of the great tips you learned. A little birdie told us it was a special day for you today, Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!

Mommarock said...

Oh my those are some amazing quilts.. quite inspirational, and maybe someday I will be able to try something special like that. I'll start with a pillow, and work my way up. You never know til you try!

Wendy said...

I'm saying WoW oh Wow right along with you. Those are amazing quilts. Thanks for sharing the tips too!

Marlene said...

WOW. Happy Birthday. Sharon's quilts are amazing-what a great night for you. Thanks for the tips.

Latane Barton said...

A very talented quilter. thanks for sharing.

Sue SA said...

Did I say Happy Birthday?! My head is still spinning with the Wow factor. Definately makes me aspire to try a bit harder, but dont think that my DH is going to let me outsource the domestic duties so I can quilt 24/7! Happy quilting Sue

Allie said...

WOW is right!!! Amazing, and what a way to spend your birthday! Lucky you, Dawn!!!

Leeanne said...

I have seen Sharon's quilt somewhere once before, it is truly breath taking!

Khris said...

Well I think that "K" is the most special Khris

Karen Mallory said...

Sharon's quilts are absolutely amazing! She has been to my guild twice and You really can't appreciate how tiny her stitching is until you see it in person. Did she tell her about how she dunks all her threads into mineral oils and never has problems with stitching! I use that tip and keep a can of oil in my sewing room.
hugs Karen

Michele said...

so cool - she's coming to our guild later this fall. Also teaching a workshop - but I haven't decided whether to go yet or not.

Ineke Original said...


Larissa said...

WOW! Was that All hand quilting?! She is a true gem - and so are you for showing us such delicate gorgeousness!! I sometimes think I should move down south just to be able to experience events like this ... then I remember I don't cope with *our* 'cold' weather up here, let alone anything down south for longer than a few weeks at a time!
I can't imagine the time it would take to achieve such delicate work, but it is obviously worth the time! Such perfect delight!!! (Can you tell I just adore them, lol?!)