October 23, 2011

Dear Jane too????

Over the last few years I have been stitching 
away at these few blocks from Dear Jane.
  I have another 12 or so done too... BUT
 I am not even liking the color I have chosen anymore.
 Do you do that???? change your mind, 
change you choice of fabrics.
 I need to get organised and make it, not let it be a UFO...
While talking with Vicki on the phone the other night, 
she too was slowly plodding away at her Dear Jane.
 We discussed the idea of doing our quilts together, 
not in the same room sort of sewing....
just encouraging each other to do so many a week or month.
 Thats when the idea of a shared blog together 
and for others also to be encouraged ...
Those of you who have started their Dear Jane quilts
 or want to start and to keep the excitement going
We can finish that quilt, together..
 Sharing and plodding through the  Dear Jane journey together.
Janiac's Unite was decided upon.
 Why that name? We all need a name for our blogs 
that reflects us and what we are about.
 We are about uniting in the journey together with our Dear Jane quilt.
Would you like to join us on our Dear Jane journey.
If so visit HERE, leave a comment and Vicki or myself 
will send you an invite to join the Janiac's Unite blog.
 One thing we ask is you post once a month at least.
Post about your progress and blocks you have made.
 Encourage others to keep journeying.
 You can post more often if you want to, its up to you.
We need to Unite and get those Dear Jane's finished.

 Below is the button for your blog sidebar if you'd like to use it.
 Right click and save to your computer.
Then add the address link below 
to your picture once it's on your sidebar.

 Vicki and I would love you to join us on this journey, 
 we look forward to sharing it with you, 
and seeing your fabulous quilt come together.
Happy Janiac Quilting
 Hugs Dawn x x x


Pip said...

This is a great idea Dawn, it really helped me keep on track when I was on the SAL blog. I've left a comment on the Janiac's Unite blog.

Doniene said...

I'm not doing a Dear Jane quilt, but your plan sounds like a winner!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!

ritainalaska said...

i'm doing dear jane! but don't like my color choices for 'garden jane', yellows and golds alternating with greens. yikes! what was i thinking! i 'paused' at 27 after following a schedule i found on a dear jane site and decided i would go for rows instead. now, i'm still 'paused' and won't start up again until the mood strikes. :( but, if i may, i will follow your janiac's unite with great enjoyment !

Carrie P. said...

I like the colors you are doing your DJ quilt in but like you I do change my mind when I am working on a project too. I just subscribed to your blog. Now I won't miss a thing.

Marg said...

Yes, I'd love to - having the support really helped me with the recent SAL for Tis the Season. Hopefully this will, too. I've left a comment on the Janiac's blog and sent an email to Vicki.

Jeanneke said...

I'm not doing a Dear Jane quilt (yet), not even doing any stitching at the moment, but IF I would I surely joined the Janiac's!
Clever girls you and Vicky are, Dawn!
Great idea and I'll keep following your blogs


Pamela said...

Great idea! I am planning on getting mine finished in 2012 (not quite halfway yet, but have been working steadily on it this month). A little encourage is so helpful - as well as a bit of accountability!

Larissa said...

This is great! As I commented on Vicki's blog, I have been crushing on this quilt for a few months now, but have been put off by the sheer number of different little blocks ... and the thought of trying to do this by myself! With the prospect of doing this alongside other quilters I have now ordered my copy of the book, plus rulers, and eagerly await its' arrival in about a week! Ooh, ... that's two goodies to look forward to its arrival, lol!

Anonymous said...

lovely blocks Dawn.

OlgaQuilt said...


I am also a Dear Jane addict. Congratulations for your Blog.



Anne Heidi said...

What a great idea- I'll pop over and have a look at the new blog!

Vintage Cate said...

I am so tempted as I always wanted to do a "Dear Jane" but didn't feel that I would have the staying power. Hmm, let me think about it. Thank you for the great idea.

Wendyb said...

you are going to be one busy little beaver Miss Dawny!!!! Good to hear that it's on the move though.....I don't mind the colours...wait till it's finished....labour of love will be aaaaaaalllll worth it!
sugary hugs sweety
Wendy XXX :O)

Linda said...

I'm not working on that one, but I think your colors are wonderful...very pretty together if you ask me!

Diane Mars said...

Beautiful... I am your newest follower~

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi there sweetie!

What fun! I love the blocks you have already made and look forward to seeing more! I'm very tempted to join in sweetie... very tempted!!!

Hugs lovely!
Vikki xoo

Dogwood Paper Arts said...

Love your blog and love your "Dear Jane" blocks. Beautiful colors. I just started my first dear Jane this week and began a new blog, Dear Jane Journal and Sew. I worked on a practice block last night and need to take out a block on the last row, resew it and put it back together. Keep up the great work, Angela