March 28, 2012


 disappeared real quick..
 Forgive me for not sharing the pics of a finish
 I spent it mostly in bed...feeling ill.
 After a visit to the doctors I was diagnosed with
Pharyngitis, Laryngitis and Bronchitis..
yak is how I felt, and now I am on antibiotics 
Hopefully I will be fighting fit in a few days...I can hope anyhow.
 I just hate lying in bed wasting time... but I do need to rest some.
I have binding to do on one more and then will share that too.
This is my take on Fee's quilt that she taught
at 'Let's Get Stitched' in Tassie.
 I think this one brings back fond memories
 of a holiday long ago in the city of Love.
 I visited Paris in 2002 just after I had fallen in love with my DH
he unfortunately was not with me but was 
always in my thoughts and as I climbed the Eiffel Tower
 I wished he was with me and seeing
 the amazing sights from way above the clouds.
 Oh Paris is a beautiful city to visit.
 One day again I hope to get back there but with DH in tow.
Enough chatting for me for now..LOL
off to eat some much needed chicken soup
 and get some more rest.
 Happy Days 
(whatever you may be doing)

 Hugs Dawn x x



Maria said...

Oh Dawn you are a very sick girl. Rest is the best thing. Hope you are feeling better in a few days.

Jenny's Place Online said...

Hope you feel better soon, and your Paris wish comes soon :) Best wishes, Jenny

retdairyqueen said...

Sorry to hear you are ill Look after yourself
The quilt is lovely

Anonymous said...

get better soon Dawn.xx

Larissa said...

Glad to hear you're taking it easy!!! Lots of rest, relaxation, hand-sewing in front of the tele (lol!), chicken soup (how was it by the way?!) and more rest, lol! ... Your take on Fee's pattern is just as gorgeous as you said it was!!! Man, Paris - me want to go!!! Lol!! Look after yourself hun, and I'll give you a call Friday if you're feeling better, and your voice has returned!! Hugs!!!

Josie McRazie said...

Hope you feel better! I would LOVE to one day see the Eiffel Tower! Of course I would just love to get out of my country! LOL! (well I have once been to Canada and once to Mexico) Some day!! :)

Ric Rac and Polka Dots said...

Oh my goodness Dawn, you poor thing. I hate being sick. Sometimes it's not even the sick part that is the worst, it's just the laying around doing nothing when you have so many projects you could be doing. I hope you have some handwork nearby to do while you are watching tv. But in the meantime sleep, sleep, sleep! I'll be keeping an eye on you so no getting out of bed to do anything! Unless it is to grab a project and then right back to the couch or bed!

Nicole said...

Feel better soon! Hope the doctor gave you good meds! Get lots of rest and dream of Paris.

Allie said...

Oh no sweetie - I'm saying some prayers that you get better real quick! You just listen to your body and REST. Your little quilt is just darling, I do hope you get back to Paris someday with your hubby!

Laura said...

Hi dawn
Sorry to hear that you are not well "REST"" is the best remedy, take care of yourself
Thanks for visiting my blog.
It really is nice to be back to my old routine, will keep an eye on gmail so we can chat
lots of love and a big hug, hope that you are soon better

Outback Craftaholic said...

Oh you poor thing Dawn. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love your work.