April 20, 2012

Zucchini Loaf Cake.

 2 1/4 cups Sugar
3 Eggs
3 tsp Vanilla Essence.
1 cup Vegetable Oil.
1kg grated Zucchini.
2 cups Self Raising Flour
 2 cups Wholemeal Self raising Flour
1tsp Salt
1tsp Bi Carb Soda
3 tsp Cinnamon
1 Cup Sultana's
1. Beat eggs and gradually add sugar continually
 beating till light and fluffy.
2. Fold in Vanilla Essence, Oil and grated Zucchini.
3. Fold the rest of the ingredients stirring as you go.
 (the mixture does seem a bit runny but will be fine)

4.Line 3 loaf tins with baking paper and pour mixture 
into tins evenly.
5. Place in centre of 180 (fan forced-160) degrees C oven 
and bake for 1 1/2 hours or until golden brown and a skewer
 poked in comes out clean.
 Turn onto a wire rack and let cool.
  Ice with favorite icing... cream cheese frosting is nice
but as my girls are allergic to cheese I use a butter frosting.
 1 Tbsp of butter or marg
1 Tbsp of milk
 add this to 1 1/2cups of icing sugar
and stir, adding more milk or icing sugar
 if needed...spread onto cake and top with coconut if desired.

 Yummy...enjoy with company, served with a cup of tea!
 Hope you like this and do try's a very moist cake.
 Most will not realise it has a vegetable in it..
 My friend who came to visit me said it was
the best cake she has ever tried... it may well be!

 Happy Baking
 Hugs Dawn x x x


Vicki ♥ said...

Yummmmm......I look forward to trying this out Dawn...thanks for putting up the recipe :) Hugs Vicki x

Maria said...

I never thought Zucchini could look so yummy....
Thanks for sharing the recipe Dawn...

Anonymous said...

looks yummy Dawn does it freeze well.xx

Allie said...

YUM! Wish I could pop over for a slice right now!

Scottish Nanna said...

Looks yummy my mouth is watering but I cant have it Cant have enything with hoo.Have A great weekend .
Hugs Mary.xx

Chris H said...

NOW that looks delicious!