July 28, 2012

A Farmers Wife day.

 After finishing quilting  a friends quilt today
I was able to get a couple of my Farmers Wife's blocks done.
 I need to keep on track with this quilt... a bit at a time
These blocks are sewn with brown, green and cream fabrics.
 No 10 Bowtie...
 No 20 Churndash... Love this variation.
 No 8 Boquet...
my little pile is growing...slowly but growing!
Then this afternoon I managed to whip up another
 batch of Pear Muffins for my DD1... She can eat only
 pears atm as she is on an elimination diet. No other fruit allowed.
 These are so yummy... there are none left tonight for snacks.
The family devoured them for afternoon tea.
 But Hubby just came home with a movie I have been wanting to watch
 "The Vow"... that Channing guy is really cute...
 and a bar of Cadbury chocolate... yum..
 he knows what a girl wants...LOL
 Off to watch the 'chick flick'
 with my cup of tea, chocolate and stitching..
 Enjoy your night.

Hugs Dawn x x x


Linda Lee said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. The muffins look delicious. Very nice blocks. Hope you enjoyed your Chick Flicks!

AnitaS said...

I love this quilt. I hope I can walk again quickly so I can go to my quiltroom and do something on my own Farmers Wife.

Maria said...

Your FW blocks look great..
Yummy cakes too.
I bet you enjoyed the movie,chocolate and stiching...

Carrie P. said...

Your blocks are so pretty. those muffins look so yummy too.

Allie said...

Ooh Dawn your blocks are just gorgeous! I hope everyone is on the mend at your house, sweetie!

Susan said...

Dawn, your blocks look lovely and those muffins look heavenly! Looks like you had a good day and are about to enjoy a nice evening. Could you husband call mine and school him on what to bring home to surprise the wife? Mine thinks new computer parts and stuff from the home improvement store are all I need. I guess I should be happy, he hasn't brought me any cleaning supplies! Hugs!

Jenny of Elefantz said...

You're blocks are so pretty, hon! Yummo on the baking...and lucky you getting chocky. ;-)