August 02, 2012

Adding Borders...

Now remember yesterdays Weft and Warp post...
 I promised a border post... to avoid wobbly borders...
 This is what my very first Quilt teacher taught me and
 has helped me over the years avoid wobbles.
 When cutting borders there is a rule.
Often its very easy to just cut your fabric and then sew a border on
and once at the end trim it to match....sometimes it may just work.
 Sometimes not.
 This may seem an easier way but when it comes to
 quilting the quilt, you may find a wobble esp with the bigger quilts.
 I have seen a few of late that have a wobble.
 Precuts if used as a pieced border may give a wobble too.

 Wobble- ( too much fabric in border strips)

Side borders: 
 1. Measure the quilt top to bottom through the middle section.
 This will give you the length to cut your side borders from your fabric
 remembering the Warp- lengthwise grain.
( if needing to piece the strips, piece first then cut the exact length.)
 2. Fold cut pieces in half to find halfway point. Finger press.
Pin at top and bottom and middle matching with your strip to the quilt 
top, bottom and middle.
 Continue matching and pinning the border to the side of the quilt,
 pinning at about 2in or less if you must ease in any fullness to get the two to match. 
 3. Using a 1/4in seam allowance sew with the fuller fabric face down 
on your machine.... this allows the feed dogs to help ease the fabric for you.
 4. Press toward the border.

 Top and Bottom Border.
1. Measure the quilt side to side through the middle section.
 Again this will give you the cut measurement using 
the warp/lengthwise grain. Cut exact length.
 Repeat above 2- 4.

It's ok also to sew the top and bottom borders to a quilt first
 before you add the side borders,
 just reverse the instructions. Its a personal preference.
 Hope this has been of some help.
 I hope you can avoid wobble...makes a nicer quilt look

 Hugs Dawn x x x 


Chris H said...

Good verbal instructions.
But... I am a visual learner, so how about another 'how to' with photos of the steps?
Big ask I know. But I cannot nut it out without pictures! *smiles*

Pip said...

thanks for these last two posts Dawn, I often take the lazy way out and just sew fabric strips on then cut to fit, and it usually works ok, but my last quilt had wobbly borders so I'm going to be doing it the proper way from now on, so hopefully no more wobbles :)

Carrie P. said...

thanks for reminding me how to do borders the right way.

Wendyb said...

you are such a font of information lately it....I'm learning heaps!!!!!! It always seems tutors assume you know all the tricks of the trade.....not this little black duck....I need all the help I can get!!!! LOL
xoxox love n hugs
Wendy :O)