August 01, 2012

Does your Weft Wobble???

Hello, sounds like I am being funny hey?
 I have been contemplating this for a little while and after having a quilt
for my mum on my frame that looked like this when I got to the bottom edge
 Wobble wobble wobble...

and more wobble, wobble, wobble.....
 I was annoyed, Ok very annoyed at myself and this quilt.
 I tried real hard to hold it and even though I tried
it still moved more than it should have.
My mum being in a hurry,
 as well as washing and shrink proofing her quilts in the dryer
 as she likes the crinkly look, didn't want to wait for it
while I unpicked it and re-bordered it for her.
So it had me thinking about WARP and WEFT.
 Weft is the Crosswise grain, or as we know it selvedge to selvedge
 Warp is Lengthwise grain .... the way we purchase fabric 1.1mt
 is measured along the lengthwise grain.
 Now the word Warp to most of us means wobble, distort or
 bent out of shape........
NO NO NO but not with fabric
 In reference to fabric Warp and Weft have technical terms.

The warp is the thread tightly stretched up and down the loom.
 The weft, are the threads woven in and out of the warp threads...
 Weft threads have stretch and are tighter at the edges
where the loomer turns around and goes in and out
the warp threads again weaving as they go.
 Warp threads are stronger and able to withstand stretching.
No stretch on warp ... seemsto me like an oxymoron
  a contradiction of terms ....
 But we must when sewing remember this rule...
 Weft is stretch - Warp is strength.
Some diagrams to help you!
 1. Weft across... left to right...
 Warp up and down....length
Remember weft -stretch...........warp - strength..
 Weft - crosswise and Warp - lengthwise.

This is a charm pack  peice of fabric
and as I am unaware of how it has been cut I check.
We must check the warp and weft of our precuts.
 Also remembering that all Jelly Rolls are cut on the weft, cut across the WOF.
 Ill be back tomorrow with some cutting rules for borders
all to do with warp and weft.

Sweet Cinnamon-y Hugs
Dawn x x x


Susan said...

Interesting! Thanks for posting this Dawn. I never even thought about that before, even after taking numerous classes in weaving!

Seams Sew Together said...

Well!! I have learnt something today I did not know this, thanks so much Dawn.

Allie said...

Dang - I knew this, but never pay attention to it - thanks Dawn, it makes perfect sense especially when it comes to borders!

Larissa said...

Very informative Dawn!! Thanks for the lesson!! hugs! xo

VickiT said...

It's funny you mentioned the charm packs because just about a week ago I wondered about those myself. I have bought a number of those but haven't used them and that's what got me to wondering.

Maybe I'm being stupid here but please help me understand one part of what you've written above.
Below that top picture in the 2nd paragraph, you've written "Warp is Lengthwise grain .... the way we purchase fabric 1.1mt
is measured along the lengthwise grain"

What does 1.1mt mean?

If I'm being stupid just go ahead and laugh. I can take it. LOL

Fee said...

Great post Dawnie <3 No I am all wobbley LOL

Chris H said...

Yaaa pictures to help idiots like me!!!

Shontelle said...

What a great post! I have been wondering about this all week and have been trying to figure it out with the help of Wikepedia and the like. Your explanation beats anything else I've found hands down!

Wendyb said...

you're suck a clever girl Dawny....thanks for sharing it.....I ALWAYS have trouble with my stretch and wobble....and with my fabric too!!!!
love ya
Wendy :O) xoxox