August 13, 2012

Easy Peach/Pear jam.

Jam in a few Easy
I was given this recipe for no fool jam 
(Jelly for the US ladies)
 it is so quick and easy to make.
 2 large cans of Fruit 
(any fruit, pears, peaches or apricots...825gm)
 3 cups of White Sugar
 1 pkt of Jamsetter.

 Drain your two cans of fruit of all the juice.
Mash the fruit like above.
Place in a large saucepan with sugar and JamSetter
 Bring to the boil, stirring while the sugar and JamSetter dissolve.
 Then boil for 5mins only.... pour into jars or glasses.
 It will make approx 4 x 250gm jars.
 Let cool, place a cellophane top on the jar and label.
 See quick and simple.... and yummy too.

I might try this with pineapple and ginger or maybe 
apple and berries next time... 
 Great gift idea too and
 no more boiling away for hours to make the jam set.

 Happy Cooking

 Hugs Dawn x x x


Sheila said...

Looks like a really easy recipe, thanks for sharing! Have a good week!

Wendyb said...

oooh Dawn.....I'm going to have to try this're a clever chicky!!!!! *wink*
big sugary jammy hugs
Wendy :O)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Oh Dawn what a fantastic idea...thanks for that...

Helen said...

Seriously??? Where has this recipe been all my life!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh Dawn that's sounds great and so easy I might even be able to do it. I love homemade jam. Do you just buy the jamsetter at the supermarket??
Thanks so much for sharing.

Helen said...

Thanks for posting this recipe, Dawn. Just asked my sister to buy me some JamSetta as she is on the east coast at the moment visiting old friends & having a holiday.

Unknown said...

Mmmmm, yummy!

Khris said...

easy peasy...even I can do know how much I love cooking...LOL...thanks for sharing. Hugs Khris