October 09, 2012

Week Four but still no camera...

I have not been able to find a new camera to buy as of yet
 and didn't want to not post the blocks for the next
Let's Build a Kids Quilt block...
 so just imagine these blocks in my new colors...
 They are my original quilt's blocks.
 Ok we are making two strips, one for each side of the quilt.
 I called these Stepping Stone Blocks.
Using 2 1/2in strips or jelly roll strips in a variety of colors
plus some background fabric cut to 2 1/2in strips.

 + = sew together 

(colored strips) +  (white strips)
 5 1/2in + 2 1/2in
 4 1/2in + 3 1/2in
3 1/2in + 4 1/2in
5 in + 3 in
3 1/2in + 4 1/2in
 Repeat this section above 5 times for each side.
We only need 23 stepping stones each side.
Once you have made 10 sets, sew 5 sets together for each side.
 I hope I have explained this well enough 
and as soon as I have a camera I will takes some pictures 
to show you how I made this section.
 I will miss tomorrow and be back next week with another
 block as I will have a camera by then..

 Happy Sewing
 Hugs  Dawn x x x

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