January 05, 2013

Its a brand New Year...

What will I do with this year...2013, 12 months
to do some wonderful things, spend time making memories
 with my Darling Husband - the love of my life... 
my big boys and their wives, my little girls and 
my grand babies and their families.
 Time to sew, chat with friends, some time away to recharge
 and just enjoy life with those around me.
 Maybe make a mark on the world in some way or another!
 Will I achieve the things I plan, I don't know and 
 maybe just maybe I'll add many more to it.... will I stick to my plan or stray.
 Guess I won't know till I try...
 What do you do to start the new year, do you start good intentions?
 and then get sidetracked with life and things..
 I do a  plan to what I want to achieve, so I at least end up 
 accomplishing more than the last year, just a little..
 I failed dismally in 2012 with many intentions 
not planned well enough in advance
 so when life hit a few bumps I was not prepared.
 So this year is different!

There a few things/oops maybe more than a few things
 on my calender all ready for 2013!
 I have looked through last years diary and added the birthdays and
 all my families celebrations to this years diary.
That's a good starting point.
 Still looking good at a glance...lots of space to fill still...

Then I add the things I really would like to do if time permits,
 I just put a few in so I'll make them a priority.... I hope!

1. 2013 SAL (I actually accomplished last years quilt)

2. Scrappy Trip Along (find pattern HERE - great stash buster)
 Not sure who actually started this informal quilt along
but after see Nat's post on Face book I wanted to join in.
 Visit Brenda, Katy and Rita to read about it.

3. Start again on my Dear Jane and post monthly at least, 
 4 a month is achievable I think.
 I have put this off a few times and start again then don't like my colors...
well I now have a plan... so I'll be making at least a block a month
 if I can 4 a month.

4. Finish my Farmers wife quilt, 20 blocks made, loads to go.

5.  Attack my UFO pile and make some progress.
 One every two months I think I can achieve, especially as I have big
big big UFOs, like 4 large quilts and lots of little projects.
 If you want to join Wendy and I and BUST- OUT 13, read HERE!

6.Birthday gifts decided on, made and sent on time...LOL
 Wendy has a fabulous idea here, join in and have some gifts ready.

7. Craft forum hexi swap hexagon and Monthly quilt along.

And I will add some more as I see them on the net...ha ha
 I love looking at pretty things and then making them for my home,
 my family and for friends as gifts... 
 But at least I have a plan started, it may not turn out,
 especially as this year we are schooling at home.
 That's another post, another time....
 Happy Cinnamon Hugs
 Dawn x x


De said...

A plan is a good place to start. It will take some adjusting to schooling at home but I am sure you will love it!

Maria said...

Dawn you seem to have as many things to do as me.. Good luck with the plan...

Silvia LGD (Little Green Doll) said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! It's an excellent start to do all this planning! Hugs, Silvia

Lucky-1 said...

Wow and I thought my white board was
Plans are good to have, but its also okay to stray as long as one has fun :)
All the best for 2013

Michelle Ridgway said...

Happy New year to you and your family. I wish you a wonderful time getting your goals crossed off.
Hugs xx

Marilyn said...

That sounds like a good plan Dawn. Even if you dont achieve it all it will because you have added other things along the way. Have to be flexible dont we.
Have a wonderful year, and at the end, look back and see just how much you have achieved.
Hugs xx

Wacky Woman said...

Planning and writing down works wonders. I must admit when I first glanced at your calendar, I saw a modern quilt. And, it would make a darn nice one. :-)

By Hoki Quilts said...

All of that AND the stitching weekper busy woman xx
hugsend - OMG girlfriend do you ever stop - you are an amazingly su

Sue SA said...

Hmmm, take one bit at a time and chew slowly! It took me two years to knock over the bulk of my UFO's and one year to gain a whole heap more!! Will be checking out Wendy's wisdom! Happy quilting Sue SA.

Allie said...

Homeschooling - oh Dawn what a GRAND adventure!!!! I hs'd my boys all the way through and what a blessing it has been. You will never regret. You'll have bad days, but you'll never regret it.

I need to make a plan for this year - I'm so bad at that, and then I come to the end of the year wondering just what the heck did I do??? You inspire me, hon!

Quilt Kitty said...

Happy New Year Dawn. It looks like the planner is pretty full already & those gorgeous girls keep your life brimming with added fun each day. Enjoy 2013. Tracee xx

Wendyb said...

We'll have to keep each other on task this year Dawn!!! LOL
xox hugs sweetness
Wendy :O)

Chookyblue...... said...

wow your sounding very organised........welcome to the SAL......