January 26, 2013

The end of 'Summer Holidays' and a free Bom.

Its here so quick...the lazy days, 
the lets go on a picnic cos we can days have come to an end 
Next week we knuckle down... most Aussie kids do
 after the Australia Day as holiday ends and school resumes...
Time to get serious about school work...
 we have done some over the break to review 
last years phonics and letter formation..
 But mostly we have had fun...  

Girls had fun roller-skating...
sore bottoms though from falling over many times..
 planting some celery, lettuce and tomato's with Daddy
in mummy's octagon garden bed.
 The fun is watering in our jammies at 6am
 so the hot hot hot sun doesn't kill them.(sorry no photo of us in our jammies)

Picking our one yes,  just one and only nectarine,
 the only fruit we had from 7 fruit trees this summer...
 Those pesky possums we had in our roof HERE... 
ate all the blossom from the trees before we even had fruit..
 arrrgggh not happy at all BUT found a solution to that..
 next year I am going to spread Vick's vapour rub
 around so they won't do it again...they hate Vick's apparently.

 I had some time to quilt this UFO quilt from 4 years ago,
 after I had sewn the rows together..

 Binding is made and half sewn down...
should be finished in time to give my friend a special
 'I Love You' pressie next week. She has no idea and I know she'll love it too.
 She had admired the fabric years ago when I ordered it...LOL

 I have had some time to make some Kasundi.. 
 Lots of tomato's and apples from my friends gardens were
given to me... to cook... and make yummy Indian chutney...
 This is a delicious accompaniment to any dish...
 we eat it with chicken, lamb and especially with curries.
 Recipe from HERE
 Just a note I changed it slightly by using equivalent 
weight of fresh Roma tomato's..skinned.
 and also stab blended it after it was cooked.

Cooking is not my forte but with fresh apples and yummy
 fresh produce around I have been baking a few new recipes.
 I just love this apple pie... No flour and no sugar...yummy.

  Now today is Australia Day but not the official holiday.
 So BBQ it is for us with a few close friends...
 Are you planning a special day for Australia day if your Australian?
 Wendy and I designed a BOM for the Sew It's Finished girls last year
 as an incentive to finish a UFO each month.
 BUT this year we decided to share it with you each month for 12 months.
 You'll get a stitchery block each month and instructions for the block.
 Wendy made the one above and it uses only 2 charm packs.
 So for the first block visit Wendy and get your first very 'Seasons Of' block.
 Then each month on the 10th of the month we will post 
alternatively from our blogs a block for you to stitch along.
Use this button Wendy made for you to add to
 your blog if you'd like to join and
 also there is a Flickr group for you to join too HERE
 So sorry for the long post if your still reading....

 Happy Australia Day!

 Hugs Dawn x x x


Annette said...

Happy Australia Day...I personally think it should be celebrated today only not on Monday (just my thoughts). Love the big hexagons, can you direct me to where I can get a pattern please?, also I'm very new to Blogging & would love to join in for the stitcheries if I can work how to get the button!!! Enjoy the rest of Australia Day....Annette

Melody said...

Happy Australia Day too you too. I love seeing your gorgeous little girls and the BOM looks great

Jenny's Place Online said...

Long post? You must have posted the wrong one.... this one kept me glued to the page, wanting to see what you wrote in each section :) I look forward to visiting Wendy for your new B.O.M.... thank you both, and Happy Australia Day. Happy crafting, Jenny

Larissa said...

Looks like you and the girls had a fantastic 'holiday'!!! ... The Kasundi sounds wonderful! And that apple pie - delicious!! ... Will definitely join in with the Seasons of BOM! This month's pattern by Wendy looks gorgeous!! Looking forward to seeing the months to come!!

Noela said...

Happy Australia Day. Looks like you have had a great break with your girls. The BOM looks lovely. It's very generous of you to offer it to everyone Hugs....

Sue SA said...

Happy Australia Day! Your cooking looks pretty good to me, especially if you can make a pie without flour and sugar - is there a link to that recipe?
Yikes, schools back next week! Hmm, will need to stop lounging around in my PJ's all morning!

Denise SA said...

Love the new Bom will download the patterns when I get on my laptop

Unknown said...

Lots of lovely things shared, your veggies look great, home grown always taste so much better

Jude said...

Lots of news and good luck with those vegies and I did want to see you all in your jammies. Off to Wendy now to get the first block.