May 20, 2013

Monthly Hit List!

I had been feeling like I wasn't accomplishing much
 on the sewing front so my Dear friend Fee
 and I decided to start a monthly hit list...
 actually Fee's the great encourager!

It's mainly to focus on a project, when not knowing what to sew.
 I have some good days with motivation and want to design heaps,
 finish upteen half done projects, 
but then end up doing not much at all.
This list should keep me focused.
 It's on my side bar to remind me, keep focus...don't be distracted...
umm thats my problem, distractions... sewing ones too.

 Firstly I have done a Rose Star my Rose Star Recovery Quilt that
 I have started ... a little like me, on the road to recovery...
 This is a lovely block and looks fabulous finished 
but takes time, lots of time.
Something I am reminded of throughtout this journey of mine.

 Next is my Berries and Bluebirds, all ready to stitch...
 This is a Gail Pan BOM which you can purchase
 with fabrics or without from your local quilt shop.
I so love the birds and lovely berries,
and am just loving it in my choice Fig Tree fabrics of course.
 I have decided to follow Fee and do blanket stitch around the edges
instead of Gail's version with needleturn..too fiddly for me
My fingers aren't the best for that atm.
 Then there is also Leanne Beasley BOM I started years ago,
 cut all the blocks out sewed them together in blocks and stopped there..
 I know need to do all the stitchery and again lots of time needed...
 But one block a month I might just make it...
stayed tuned for the progress on that!

Do you have some lists? or do you finish before a list is needed?
 I am looking forward to getting some things 
accomplished this next month.

 Tomorrow I'll be launching my PATTERNS on Craftsy
 So come by for a look...maybe a giveaway to launch! 

 Sweet Cinnamon Hugs 
Dawn x x


Susan said...

I find the list I made - originally for Sew Its Finished a real incentive - and a great reminder of all the things on the go.
And then there is the "Will I ever get to it list"!!

Anonymous said...

hmm i think that is something i should do ,have a hit list,congrats with you launch for tomorrow.xx

Jo in TAS said...

Fee will keep you inspired and positive! I dare not write a list, it would freak me out! Look forward to seeing your patterns
Hugs and keep on stitching on!

Noela said...

I'm a bit worried to make a list as I think it might never end although having a list might make me more focussed. Hope your journey is going well. Hugs......

Maria said...

Dawn I was only thinking about how you were going today and then you pop up.

AS you know I do have lists (Sew it's Finished) and still can't seem to work on them..

take care

Fee said...

It's a two way street hunny bun - You inspire me too xxxxxx